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Sweet Parakeet - FOR SALE


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Sweet Parakeet - FOR SALE


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Sweet Parakeet - FOR SALE

Kimono, Fabric and Costumes for Sale

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Evening Plum - FOR SALE


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Snow Blossom - FOR SALE

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Seiya - Starry Night

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Rustic Goat Cheese and Fig Cheesecake

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Matsu Maiko Kanzashi Set - SOLD

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Maiko Hikizuri Measurement Guide

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WIP - Hinotori Kisai Clutch

Kimono I've Worked On

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Leather Waist Cinch

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Birds of Paradise - Red Winged Black Bird Kitsuke

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Ryuuka - Summer Dragon

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Kisetsu and the 4 Seasons Robe

Long ago, when the earth was still young and the night sky hung over the world like a spotless veil of black silk, the moon god and his daughter lived peacefully in their shining palace. Though it was a place of grace and beauty, loneliness lingered in the endless sky. Each night, Kisetsu - the daughter of the moon - would look down from the palace windows. Night after night she would watch the world of men pass before her. In the evening she could see the fishers bringing in their catch and leaving again with empty nets at dawn. For the most part, this strange world and the weary lives it cradled would pass in silence. Only from time to tim


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Road to Asia Table II


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