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Kanzashi Tutorial - Part I

Well, a lot of people have been asking me to create a tsumami kanzashi tutorial. So here it is - well part 1 at least.

Other parts:
Part 1: Preparing your Fabric
Part 2: Petal Folding [link]
Part 3: Making your Own Kanzashi - Base [link]
Part 4: Making your Own Kanzashi - Basic Flower [link]
Part 5: Making your Own Kanzashi - Base for Falls [link]
Part 6: Making your Own Kanzashi - Falls [link]
Part 7: Making your Own Kanzashi - Finishing Touches [link]
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Kanara102's avatar
I will totally try this
thanks for making a tutorial ^.^
FuruiRyuu's avatar
This makes it look so much easier than I first thought! Thanks for putting it together :)
flamissa's avatar
Thanx verrry much! You r nice!
Singing-Wolf-12's avatar
Sweet~! Thank you for making this! :D
MaryTonomura's avatar
Thks! I'll make my own kanzashi =3
meProyocan's avatar
thank you so much!!! but can you make these little bit bigger cos i find it really hard to read or see the pics :( but i can't wait to make my own :DDDD
Kurokami-Kanzashi's avatar
No Problem. Just hit the download button, and you will see each image quite a bit bigger.
ShilohGreenwald's avatar
So very helpful!!!! THANKS SO MUCH!!!!
cassiboo's avatar
this is an extremely helpful tutorial, and I'm really glad you posted!

I know you said that the best results come from lightweight silk and cotton, and I wanted to know which kinds you use and where you get them from... I've read that a lot of these are made from habotai, and I'm pretty sure I can only find that online...
Kurokami-Kanzashi's avatar
Thank you! Habotai is used traditionally, but it can be expensive and hard to find. Personally, I use polyester lining fabric; it's inexpensive, comes in a wide variety of colours and can be found in almost any fabric store.
KisameFanFromHell's avatar
Thanks for this I've been curious about these lately. I need to try making one.^_^
carbonglo's avatar
Thank You!! I've wanted to make these but wasn't able to figure out how to do it on my own.
SkyFuria's avatar
Thank you so much i've been doing these for some time now but i've never ever come across a proper tut for the pointed petals ty so very much
lilyvampire's avatar
I just found it... It's really great and helpful tutorial, thanks :)
poison-is-my-potion's avatar
I am so glad you put this up!!!
midori-hime's avatar
Do you HAVE to starch the fabric? What happens if you dont?
Kickstarter's avatar
Starching the fabric makes it stiff. So if you don't, it will probably be floppy and ugly. That's just my guess. Starching is not difficult or expensive and can be bought in most stores like Wal Mart.
Enjoycake's avatar
Erm...Is there anyway I could use a couple teaspoons of corn starch in a pan of water that has been heated and then cooled slightly? O_o

Cause I have plenty of cornstarch.
Laila-chan's avatar
and potato starch is commonly used in Europe to starch clothes.. rice starch is used in Asia, becouse of a lot of rice xD
Laila-chan's avatar
from my chemists point of view, it doesnt matter, which starch it is, but popcorn starch can make white textile into white-yellow . try to experiment and see :D All ou have to do is boil it and then wait till it cools then try put into it wet textil or dry.. it can behave differently :) Good luck or wait for another better reply ^^
Enjoycake's avatar
Oh cool thanks! :D
This is my first kanzashi. :3 I hope it's okay~ I didn't even use starch for it lol XDD
Laila-chan's avatar
So pretty! You are very skillful :D
Enjoycake's avatar
Aww Thank you but not really XD.
It's not very complex :/
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