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Kanzashi Tutorial - Part 4

Well, a lot of people have been asking me to create a tsumami kanzashi tutorial. So here's part 3.

Other parts:
Part 1: Preparing your Fabric [link]
Part 2: Petal Folding [link]
Part 3: Making your Own Kanzashi - Base [link]
Part 4: Making your Own Kanzashi - Basic Flower
Part 5: Making your Own Kanzashi - Base for Falls [link]
Part 6: Making your Own Kanzashi - Falls [link]
Part 7: Making your Own Kanzashi - Finishing Touches [link]
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Hi I have a question about how you put together your kanzashi. Most of the other tutorials I've seen say to sew the petals together before gluing to the base. Do you sew them and just left that part out of the tutorial or you just glue them straight on without sewing? Do you do any sewing at all when making your kanzashi or it's just all glue?
Kurokami-Kanzashi's avatar
I never sew my kanzashi. I tried it at first, and they just end up looking messy. Traditionally they are made only with glue. :)
KisameFanFromHell's avatar
hm(nods and reads next)
lilstonecoldfox's avatar
But I LOVE this! fun art to get into! :) Your tutorial is a life saver! not much detail given for most tutorials that I've found.
lilstonecoldfox's avatar
I've been using a hot glue for gluing the petals on but it's not working very well lol. What glue do you suggest?
So simple & easy techniques..very inspiring, indeed! Thank you for sharing!
rinei's avatar
i see other site's tutorial.
they use some certain white-colored glue..
do you use it too?

(rice glue, i guess.)
how can i make it?

thank you
Kurokami-Kanzashi's avatar
Yep, that would be rice glue. I don't use rice glue, so I'm not able to tell you how to make it.
hanatsukuri's avatar
What do you make your forks of? :) Did you use forks for the garland style, and also the smaller style?

It's expensive importing the metal prong-things...
Kurokami-Kanzashi's avatar
Most of the time I use silver plated forks from Japan, but occasionally I make them out of thick wire when I'm trying to make more affordable pieces. Sometimes, sharpened chopsticks do the trick as well. I'm not sure what you mean by garland style - do you mean the bridge pieces in the maiko sets? Those have wire pieces that kind of fit snugly into place on the katsura, but they aren't hair forks.
hanatsukuri's avatar
Ah, I see. Though...I'm not sure I know exactly what kind of wire pieces you're talking about. :)

Yeah, I use chopsticks, can buy like, 8 of them for a dollar at some places. :) (Wal-mart! Yeah. XD)

So far, I've bought all of my forks from Japan, too, but you're does get a little tedious (waiting) and adds to the expense. This is such an expensive hobby, you know!! XD especially if nobody buys mine (sad).
Kurokami-Kanzashi's avatar
The wire pieces are just two pieces of wire that sort of fit into the katsura. I'll try and take some photos of those next time I make a bridge piece.
Momijifangirl's avatar
ok another question from me
what kind of fabric is best for making kanzashi?
I've seen you use silk and silk brocade (pricey?)

I tried using cotton (not the greatest idea?)
but it won't hold shape (it's pretty thin though, if that matters at all)

I'm trying my best, but I get frustrated easily, so yeah, need help
Kurokami-Kanzashi's avatar
As long as the fabric is thin, that's all you need. Cotton is fine - as long as it's not a heavy weave (like denim). You may need to add another layer of starch - but most fabrics won't hold their shape without glue. There are some incredibly thin silks that will, but they're pretty expensive.
Momijifangirl's avatar
I figured I just needed more starch...^_^;
no the cotton isn't heavy at all
I'm still working on getting the fabric to hold its shape......
thanks and sorry for asking so many questions of you
Kurokami-Kanzashi's avatar
No prob! It's good to be of help.
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