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Kanzashi Tutorial - Part 3

Well, a lot of people have been asking me to create a tsumami kanzashi tutorial. So here's part 3.

Other parts:
Part 1: Preparing your Fabric [link]
Part 2: Petal Folding [link]
Part 3: Making your Own Kanzashi - Base
Part 4: Making your Own Kanzashi - Basic Flower [link]
Part 5: Making your Own Kanzashi - Base for Falls [link]
Part 6: Making your Own Kanzashi - Falls [link]
Part 7: Making your Own Kanzashi - Finishing Touches [link]
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rinei's avatar
Can I share (re-upload) it on other site?

Kurokami-Kanzashi's avatar
No, thank you. I would prefer if you didn't. :)
rinei's avatar
Okay then, I'd just share your deviant art page :)
insanidee's avatar
Thank you! You are an incredible artista.
Your tutorials are so awesome and they are easy to follow! I do have a question though; after making some kanzashi out of 2x2 inch squares I'm ready to try something smaller. If I did a 1x1 inch square would I then make my base half an inch in diameter? Is there a ratio in relation to petal size or a chart or anything? If not then I can just experiment, but after following your tutorial I was finally able to make one that actually looked like a flower. All the attempts I made based on my own judgement just sucked, lol! So I'd rather trust your instincts then mine. Thanks!! :D
KisameFanFromHell's avatar
cool time to read the next.^_^
RD-7391's avatar
You're missing Parts 4-7. :-(
Kurokami-Kanzashi's avatar
Yes, unfortunately I haven't had much time to finish this tutorial.
RD-7391's avatar
Well, I'll be patiently waiting for the rest of them! :D
AlejandraPizarnik's avatar
Thanks for make this tutorials :) they are very useful and especific.... :heart:
AricaLeonhart's avatar
?This says part 3, where can I find part one and two. I've looked at the steps you've listed in the description and they're wonderfully detailed. But what is mayfair?
Kurokami-Kanzashi's avatar
There are links to all the other parts of this tutorial in the artist's comments section. Mayfair is simply a type of thick paper.
AricaLeonhart's avatar
Silly me... I found parts 1 & 2
ApocalypticSister's avatar
i was just wondering, where do you get the hair pin/stick/fork? do you buy them from somewhere or do you actually make them yourself? and also, if you do make them, what kind of wire or metal do you use?
Kurokami-Kanzashi's avatar
Sometimes, I make them myself, in which case I use whatever strong yet plyable wire I can find. Mostly I buy the pins though. Zipangu Treasures is a great place to get them [link]
moko-neko-chan's avatar
What kind of glue do you use?
Kurokami-Kanzashi's avatar
moko-neko-chan's avatar
Thank you!
I tried fabric glue but it didnt seem to dry very well ^^; Haha
hanatsukuri's avatar
I use buttons for the backs of mine, usually...I hate stabbing the paper! XD;

Do you use those metal forks for your kanzashi? What do you make them of?
Kurokami-Kanzashi's avatar
Oh buttons! That's a really good idea! I'll have to ask my friend to buy me some button making pieces. How do you attach the wires to the back, though?
hanatsukuri's avatar
I bend them over. :) With plyers, (or my fingers, if it's light wire). Then I use really strong cement-glue and let it cure overnight.
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