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Kanzashi Tutorial - Part 2

Well, a lot of people have been asking me to create a tsumami kanzashi tutorial. So here's part 2.

Other parts:
Part 1: Preparing your Fabric [link]
Part 2: Petal Folding
Part 3: Making your Own Kanzashi - Base [link]
Part 4: Making your Own Kanzashi - Basic Flower [link]
Part 5: Making your Own Kanzashi - Base for Falls [link]
Part 6: Making your Own Kanzashi - Falls [link]
Part 7: Making your Own Kanzashi - Finishing Touches [link]
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Hi! I just discovered your tutorial and I absolutely love it! It's extremely helpful, especially since I'm only just starting to make kanzashi. However, I do have a question; I've seen other people make kanzashi, and they sometimes burn the fabric a little in order for the petals to retain their shape, so I was wondering if that was an OK thing to do, or if I should just stick to the hot glue when forming the petals. Sorry if this has been asked already, and thanks for the amazing tutorial!
Kurokami-Kanzashi's avatar
I've never heard of this burning of fabric technique for making tsumami kanzashi.  If using synthetics the fabric would melt, and if using silk the fabric would disintegrate.  I did learn a burning technique in India (but as far as I know, it is not a Japanese technique), but in this case the flame was used on synthetic fabric to melt the edges together instead of using glue.  It takes a lot of finesse to keep from burning yourself and ruining the flower.  Personally, I just use hot glue, press it between my fingers and clip off the excess with a pair of sharp scissors.
Malice-Ghoststar's avatar
This is wonderful! I bought a template that gives me the sharp edged petals and I wanted something prettier and rounder, thank you so much!!!! 
I apologize if this has been asked but where do you typically buy your fabric? Online or a local source? I have Asian markets around me but I never noticed fabric, or Japantown in San Fran may be a source but it'd be an ordeal to go there and have money to buy fabric -_- 
again apologies if this was answered somewhere and thanks again for the tutorial! I know it takes work to make these when you could be making more Kanzashi!
Kurokami-Kanzashi's avatar
Thank you!  I actually just use lining polyester for most of my pieces.  You can get it at pretty much any fabric store in a variety of colours.  If at all possible though, habutai silk is the best you can get, and you'll have to buy that from Japan.
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i realy like this tutorial. i also like finished fabric flowers. the pictures and print are so tiney thogh its hard to read, even in the enlaged view
kikky2's avatar
This is so helpful, thank you :worship:
Tankitha's avatar
This is great! I'm a little confused about the shaping options though. You have them listed and you say what they make, but I don't understand how to actually complete those options from what you have there. Could you explain a little better?
RissaTS's avatar
WONDERFUL tutorial!!
Celyddon's avatar
The rounded pointy petal one confuses me. When I fold it as instructed, instead of getting a nice 'rounded' petal on the back end, I have the raw edges--which are neither petaled nor round. What did I miss? :( I managed to get the first two to work. I think I'm missing something on the third.
ithuling's avatar

I think this is a great tutorial, though I'm a little confused about petal shaping in part A. Which sections are you readjusting when you get those different shapes? I'm trying to get a petal with little depth like the one in option 3, but it ends up too tall.
Silver-Falcon's avatar
This is a wonderful tutorial, and I can't wait to try it. Thanks so much! :3
Thank you so much for the tutorial!
pervyyaoifancier's avatar
SO helpful! Thank you!
LynnNexus's avatar
I'm having problems with the round pointed petal too. The way I read it..
You fold the fabric in half to make your triangle (a1)
Then fold it in half again to make the raw edges on the bottom (b1)
and fold once more to put the raw on the side (b2)
but then you turn it so the raw edges are at the front in c1... I'm really confused, am I reading it wrong? is b2 supposed to be in there? B2 puts the raw edges on a short side, which will be the bottom in the pointed petal... but the short sides are the front in the round pointed are they not?
Sophitia-42's avatar
Thank you so much for sharing this. I must try it out.
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What type of glue do you suggest using?
Kurokami-Kanzashi's avatar
Traditionally rice glue is used, but I prefer hot glue.
St-Arcana's avatar
All righty. Thank you.
Bird-of-Ice's avatar
What a well done and useful tutorial! I can't wait to give making my first kanzashi a try!
CybertronicStudios's avatar
Thanks on that one! :thanks:
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Your wonderful tutorial has been featured here.[link]

Thank you for providing the gallery with such awesome Resources.:heart:
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