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Here is the swapped position version because I love you guys.

Inspiration for their faces from ~yiKOmega and his original work found here: [link]

Fluttershy will always be best Pony. I have quite a few ideas in the queue for Fluttershy images because of all these wallpapers.
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So this where the picture came. Interesting
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Maxell tape commercial reference ftw!
IanDreadWolf's avatar
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This us powerfull.
TheGir979's avatar
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Pretty Much Describes What I do in my spare time =D

Awesome Pic, Love It =3
TailsTheRipper's avatar
Could I use this on my tumblr?
kurokaji11's avatar
i do not mind if you use it on your tumblr, maybe just toss a small link somewhere for credit ;)
CiderJack1's avatar
YEA i like "Classic" to !!
YeaImABrony-GotAProb's avatar
Let's get this party started!!
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This reminds me of that scene from Family Guy with Carter Peuterschmit
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This is good too!
MadManInTheBox's avatar
This is probably my favorite background i've ever found here on dA. Excellent work.
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I see you found the position switched version.. Glad you like it =)
MadManInTheBox's avatar
Indeed i did. :) now all 4 of the SPEEEAAAAKERS ones are my wallpapers.
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-hums "Ride of the Valkyries"-
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haha both love music !
xxLeviathanx's avatar
listening to music...LIKE A BOSS!
Cobalt-Colt's avatar
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This is just brilliant! lol
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This is too awesome!
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Hahaa, you did it! You are an amazing man (=
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