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Daily Deviation
January 8, 2021
[OPEN/AUCTION] Feathery Adopt~ [10] by Kurojii
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[CLOSED] Feathery Adopt~ [10]


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EDIT EDIT: unfortunately the original auction winner stopped responding after an amount of time so no adoption happened yet enough time had passed for me to not know what to do about it (especially since the daily deviation (aaa)) - SO, I have decided to open up an auction again !!

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F2U - Terminal Arrow Black Bullet Snipe guard is 2 hours!
F2U - Terminal Arrow Black Bullet Please reply to 'bid here' comment below and reply to the last highest bid [thereby creating a chain]~
F2U - Terminal Arrow Black Bullet Your account must be over one week old~
F2U - Terminal Arrow Black Bullet Please have cash-in-hand and be ready to pay within 48 hours after the bid ends or the 2nd highest bidder will be allowed to adopt instead~
F2U - Terminal Arrow Black Bullet Feel free to gift, trade or resell, and edit the design however you like but please do not sell for higher than you paid~ You are welcome to use the adopt commercially as long as it is not being sold as the design itself (for example, tshirts with just the artwork, etc)
F2U - Terminal Arrow Black Bullet Please pay only with PayPal or points!

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Owner: Absent-1

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Hello~ Merry Holidays everyone, I have been a bit slow with art lately but managed to finally get this boi out ♥

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EDIT: so this got awarded daily deviation?? I'm losing my mind, thank you to whoever did that I am unworthy aaa ♥♥♥

just going to throw this here aaa

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Crystalomic's avatar

oh no, she's back up again........

I'm sorry that happened, but hnmnnnn I need

Kurojii's avatar

aha thank you !! I v much appreciate the bids and support ♥♥

Cherri-Crimzon's avatar

Sorry that this girl has to go back up for auction! However I hope the re-auction goes well!

Kurojii's avatar

Thank you for the kind words, I appreciate it 2017YupiANanEmote001

Kurojii's avatar

bid here please~!

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  • SB: $50

  • AB: TBA

  • MI: $5

The auction will end 15th May 2021 at 4:00 am (GMT)

thank u !! ♥

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thank you for the starting bid !! the auction will now end 15th May 2021 at 4:00 am (GMT)

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it took me so long to realise this is a bid of 55 ahaha thank you !!

Absent-1's avatar

OY just 3 more days and I'm allowed to bid on this right?

Kurojii's avatar
Kurojii's avatar

aaaaa I'm not sure why 3 more days but I will definitely open this up again v v soon but also stop being so KIND ; - ; ♥

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Stunning work! love the shading

Kurojii's avatar

aa thank you! I was trying a new style ;; v ;; ♥

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Thank you sm ; v ;

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