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Hakama Pack - Standing



Please read my rules before using. ^^

Kimono bought in an antique store in Japan. Hakama are a present from the daughter of a Noh actor. ^_^ Weird hairstyle and lack of shoes because I am imitating my character Moon. I took a lot more pictures, but because I suck with a camera many of them were blurry or waay overexposed... or the hakama had fallen down, because I'm too skinny. ^^ ;;;

Nine standing poses, with a few cheesy props (fan, wooden sword, flowers.) Average resolution is 900x1800. Click "Download to Desktop" to download.
Light source: Sun
Time: 4:00 PM

(Some packs with hakama tied more nicely are in scraps: Yellow Hakama Standing 1, Yellow Hakama Standing 2, and Yellow Hakama Sitting.)
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