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NATG2013 Day 22 - Dusky Down vs Autumn Leaf

This is my submission for the NATG2013 day 22 theme: draw a pony in a competition or duel. This is a scene from a piece of Dusky's past I haven't really touched on too much. When she was younger, naive and bent on heroism, she crossed the infamous Leaf Sister Cartel. This eventually led to a showdown between Dusky and the younger of the two Leaf sister, Autumn Leaf. Two mares fought and one walked out alive.
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Autumn Leaf is looking rather overconfident there.  I suspect that contributed to her downfall.
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OOH....I sense a story here....
As a writer and reader, I'm always on the hunt for stories.

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There is, although it hasn't been told in detail thus far. It's seen some reference in ones that have been, though.