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Tentacles Winter Legging Design

PREORDERS ARE CLOSED. I will keep checking the site back for more coupons.

Size (in US) - # I'll have / price at conventions or local / price shipped in the USA / and price International shipped

XS (0-2)      - 0 / Final $25 / $28 shipped / $33 international 
(I don't plan to buy any of this size, if you're interested you'd have to ask me about it).

S   (4-6)     - 0 / Final $25 / $28 sh / $33 int

M  (8-10)   - 0 / Final $25 / $28 sh / $33 int

L   (12-14)  - 0 / Final $25 / $28 sh / $33 int

XL (16-18)  - 0 / Final $26 / $29 sh / $34 int

2XL(20-22) - 0 / Final $27 / $30 sh / $35 int 

3XL(24-26) - 0 / Final $28 / $31 sh / $36 int 

Finished this awhile ago, but can only offer the preorders now, finally. These are winter style leggings with my design on them.

US Sizing according to the site I'm going to be buying them from. XS (0-2) S (4-6) M (8-10) L (12-14) XL (16-18) 2XL (20-22) 3LX (24-26)

PPS Not sure if this is the right category.… Leggings on a person.

Etsy listing -…
Storenvy listing -…

Other designs:…
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I will be wanting a pair, but I will have to get paid first on Friday! I would like the 3X!
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Awesome idea, look cool! :la:
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Thanks! I hope I can get a few more pre-orders.
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You are welcome :glomp:
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These are happening in my life... But you already knew that ;D
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Uh huh! I hope more find they want them that much.
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*SHAKES HAND WILDLY!* Where are you selling them from?! I MUST KNOW! I NEEEEEEEED THESE!  Endou-Excited (Inazuma Eleven) Chitoge Excited IconEdward (Excited) [V3] 
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I will be buying them straight from the site, getting them and then selling them from my home and conventions.
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....gdi I'm not even sure what size I'm at right now

These are way cute though
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Thanks and I understand. If you figure it out and what a pair, I'm just a comment away~
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