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2016 Mostly Digital Commission Prices

I hope this will make it easier for people to find what they want for commissioning me.
I will need a reference(s) or semi detailed description to work with. I am currently only taking Sailormoon as far as Fanart goes.

To commission me you must:

-Feel free to contact me either on this post or note or even email datenshilucifer[at]
-Please specify whether or not you will be paying via PayPal or with Points.
-If paying with PayPal please provide the email address you will be paying with.
-Specify which type of commission you are interested in as well, I have a lot of them.
-Please please provide accurate references and or/descriptions of the requested character(s), that will make things easier for myself. Note that some type already are a certain way, if you would like it another way. Say you want painter shading rather than cell shading, include that as well.

Things to know before commissioning me:

-Payment needs to be up front before I start anything unless it is a large projects $100+, then I need a deposit which will be worked on a case by case basis.
-I have a part time job which means I am not able to complete art as quickly as I use to. Also it depends on the level of work needing to be done. I will do my best to not take any longer than 3 weeks to finish a commission. If I cannot do it I will be sure to let the commissioner know of these changes.
-I will share the sketch first to make sure of any changes. I usually don't share again until it's done. If you're unsure about coloring, be sure to note that in the email.
-I will only make small changes, and color changes after the lines are completed.
-As the artist I reserve the right to deny commission requests. 
-No refunds, please keep this in mind before contacting.


Mature Content

Your Character Reference by kuroitenshi13
 Your Chibi Character Reference by kuroitenshi13 Chibi Reference Reloaded by kuroitenshi13 Wiggle Chibi Loki by kuroitenshi13 And some other images could be used as well.

Peyote hand stitched Bracelets -… /…
Peyote hand stitched Rings -… /…
Peyote hand stitched (Amulet) Pouch -… /…
Braclet -… /…
Earrings - Coming soon
Necklace -… /…
Ring -…

Badge -… /…
Bookmark (laminated) -… /…
Magnet -…
Mini Stationery -…
Poster -…

Lineart -… /… /…
Flat color -… /… (Adult)
Full color -… /…

Traditional - N/A at this time.
Digital-Toned -… /…
Digital-Colored - N/A at this time.

Traditional - N/A at this time.
Digital-Toned -… (closest I have at this time)
Digital-Colored -… /…

Traditional -… /…
Digital-Toned -… /…
Digital-Colored -… /…

Small Button examples
OC Buttons Part 1 by kuroitenshi13 OC Buttons Part 3 by kuroitenshi13 OC Buttons Part 6 by kuroitenshi13

Adoptable Faepea - Summer by kuroitenshi13 Adoptable OC Senshi Designs Set 1 by kuroitenshi13 Horse Adoptables 1 by kuroitenshi13 I can custom make things based off these ideas as well.

Traditional which will also be updated before the new year
Traditional Commission Prices: OPEN by kuroitenshi13

For adult pieces you may want to check the 2013 Commissions for the moment.
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