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Prima virtus est vitio carere.
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Morikaze Shizuka


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Morikaze Shizuka


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None Shall Pass

From the Sketchbooks of Yore

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Anthropomorphism: Fox

From Notes

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Hand Sketch - Bottle


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Digital Steel

Digital Art

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Breaker - En Passant

While I Was Working...

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March of the Chibis


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Press Enter to Play - Page 1

Press Start to Play - A 24 Hour Comic

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Prologue - Kindling the Flame

Heroes have always appeared in threes throughout the history of Mobius. Most recently and most notably, we have the example of the great heroes Sonic the Hedgehog, Knuckles the Enchidna, and Miles "Tails" Prower, the most famous of the champions who rallied against the mad scientist Dr. Robotnik and now fight his successor, Dr. Eggman. But what of those heroes who fought and still fight from the shadows, their deeds never claimed, their roles never lauded? Heroes always come in threes, and this tale is no different: "Steel", a fox with no memory of his past and two tails; "Cyan", a cat with a strange coloration and far stranger abilities; "B

Written Things

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Katakana for Seshin


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