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Emoticon: Hug

Animating using 2 icons is hard >< *Praises all those who can do it*

Gave up near the end, because it was so tedious and I actually had to think! Sorry for the poor quality of the work xP

GAH! *Kicks Animation Shop 3* Stupid added blur ; - ; Does anyone know a free animation program I could use?

EDIT// No need to tell me a program haha~ I lost the frames when I formatted my computer some time ago...
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Neat icon!

Also very cute~! :D
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This is so cute ♥~

Can someone please tell me how I can use it like :icon_: ect?

Do I just copy the 'thumb' :thumb89830415: ?
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in my fav hug, i'll cry, lol :)
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There's and it's really good ^-^
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Haha thanks =P Though I've lost the frames so I guess it still doesn't work out ^^; *Edits comment*
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You're welcome :D Ohh.... okay I see
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o O I'm in love!!!! it's adorable

BTW GIMP is a free downloadable programme that has an animation function although it's not very good but it is free . . . . ^^;
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Thanks for the fav~

Thanks for the suggestion (: I'll try fixing it when I'm finished with my assignments xD I wonder if I still have the frames or not x:
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veery nice! :hug: (;
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Thank you (: *Hugs back*
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Oaw X3 So cute !!!
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you're welcome X3
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This emotion makes me feel like hugging you. -legasp-
It's adorable!
Make some more emoticons. 8D
As for a free animation program, you could use [].
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HOMG AWESUUUMMMMM. *tacklehughugggsss*
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Aww, it's so sweet. *hugles Rainie*
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