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Emoticon: Bow

My first animated emoticon! ^-^~

Made by following the tutorials by =darkmoon3636
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Thank you so muchEmoticon: Bow
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Just to let you know, this emote was chosen as the Daily Emote for EmoteADay on October 29, 2015, and featured here!… :dummy:
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I have used it on my cbox, you disapprove then please tell me!
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I use this all the time to make things look cutes and stuffs! ^-^
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Love it. I've been looking for an emoticon that is bowing like this for ages. Emoticon: Bow by KuroiRaine
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Hey all dA users... If you have a PM, you can post comments with thumbs in them... ^.^ Let's use this thumb for example... All I need to do is post the thumb and... Emoticon: Bow by KuroiRaine Ta da... Hope it helps everyone... ^_^
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hi! can i use this in da? like a regular emoticon? ^^
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This is amazing! x]]
I'm surprised that this is your first emoticon! *bows* 8o
I'll check some of those tutorials out, and by the way, how long did it take you to make this? ^o^
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This bowing one...half an hour? But then I had to change it because it looked bad, so I'd hour? The hug one took a lot longer though xD
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Hehe, that's really awesome ^__^ I should check out those tuts! O_O
KishiFishy's avatar
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Ehehe...therefore, you should also make one! And it shall be pretty too~ Oh wait, you've already made a heap x___x;;
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I haven't made an emoticon. >___>
KuroiRaine's avatar
Well you've made a lot of moving avatars~
KishiFishy's avatar
But not emoticon. D8
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