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Current Residence: >_> .....too embarassing to say....ask me in a year.....<_<
Favourite genre of music: J-Rock, Reggaeton, Francophone, Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
Favourite style of art: Manga
Operating System: Windows
Skin of choice: Face to Face
Favourite cartoon character: Othello from The Demon Ororon!!! And Muraki from Yami no Matsuei.....^_______^
Personal Quote: "Bless you, Secret Spitballer."

Favourite Visual Artist
Shurei Kouyu, Yuki Kaori, Matsushita, Chrono Nanae, Mizuki Hakase, Lee So-Young, Hirano Kohta,
Favourite Movies
Howl's Moving Castle!!!!
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Kyo, Dir en Grey, Gackt, Mindless Self-Indulgence, Transiberian Orchestra, Deftones
Favourite Writers
Ha Jin, Voltaire, Moliere, Rice, Rowling, Slyvia Plath
Favourite Games
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas ((STEAL THE CARS AND RUN THE PPLS OVER!!!! >:)
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Pencil and Paper.
Other Interests
That's for me to know and you NOT TO. >.< *sticks tongue out*
Well, my comp is not fixed, but i was able to scan some of my stuff in. -_-; I have to admit it, i am a DA addict. ^_^;;; Oh well, c'est la vie. ^_~ Anything else to talk about...hmmm....yes. I spent last weekend in CHICAGO, wonderful place i must say. ^_~ I got my pic taken with the abercrombie model, and he was quite DELICIOUS!! :heart:_:heart: :giggle: Hugging Models is quite fun! :giggle: &nbsp;Anyways, i found out where my grandfather had worked ((hancock building)) and some more stuff ((My grandparents had lived in chicago for 25 years....well, my grandmum at least, i think my grandpa lived there his whole life. Chicago was the first place
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I wont be submitting any art for a while.....my computer monitor finally blew, and my fam's too broke to buy a new one. ;_; ((My house kept having power surges, and the first majour one we had just moved in and i didn't have my stuff hooked up to a surge protectr yet....so my modem blew, and my monitor got damaged. And now it finally gives out....when i have a majour ass paper due in less than 2 week. O.o .)) So yeah, ill still be on, but no art. If luck goes my way, ill have a monitor in 2 weeks to 2 months.....bad luck.....i wont have any art until i go to college. ((like, 6 months.)) Worse luck....never. O.o But yeah, this really sucks b
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Kewl! =)

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Okie dokie! I just got my hair cut, isnt that the best! ^_^ You can see it on my id, i drew a little chibi me! :heart: Anyways, also, I have found my date for prom! He doesn't realize it yet, but im going to ask him. But first for coffee! But what sucks is that basically every girl ((and some guys)) want him. >.< So i have to make my move all quick-like. ((See, he just got here from switzerland on tuesday.)) He has trouble with english, so im going to speak to him in french. Hmmm, that should go in my favour, ne? I mean, he should want a date he can understand, right?? *thinking* Oh well, sorry to bother you with that, it's just that there i
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Come back soon Kuroi! I miss you!
*huu~~~g* Thank you so much for missing me!! ((I really missed you too. ;_;.))

Im really sorry ive been gone so long, i hope you can forgive me. ;_; It's just that my soul up and died on me, so i had to take off for a while, and hope it came back.

It worked though!! However....im not going to be posting on this account anymore. Its basically that I needed to start over. SO....i have another account. ((I basically got sick of looking at my creations.....they are still in my heart and head, but i have to redo them.))

Ummmm......if you want to know it, just ask. If you're angry at me and dont, thats fine as well.

Soo...*bow* Please forgive me for being gone for so long!!
Haha, of course im not mad at you, whats your new account so i can add it? <3<3 Welcome back!
Thanks for adding No. 85 to your :+fav:'s
thanks for the fav and comment!
It's no problem!! I really, really LOVED that picture!! :heart:_:heart:
U got a cool gallary.

Come and visist my :gallary: