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break dance zombie_ 10 poses

this is the first step to my 3 step home work assignment from my digital image class and I'm really stoked about this one cuz I get to make a BREAK DANCE ZOMBIE!!! ^^

needless to say this is gonna be my fav school related project yet... so ya, this is step one I had to do ten quick sketches of my b-boy zombie now I gotta decide which one to go with, Hmm this is gonna be a hard decision... Any suggestions, is there one that stands out to you?

to me the more body parts flying off the better....
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The last one stands out to me 'cause it looks like he's holding a pose after doing the best dance ever too gauge the audience's reaction. Haha. Love this.
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LOL awesome!! i love that you see that cuz I wanted that kind of energy in the zombie crowd... thank you very much! XD
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You're welcome! :D
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I Say the last one on the Top And the Bottom But hell yeah i like it dude f#$kin' Dirty hahah
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Dude these look awesome~~! I like the bottom row best.
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lol, thanks! ya, I totally agree ^^ as you might have guest I saved the best for last and in fact everyone in my class voted for the second to last one on the lower rightside... I can't wait to get started! XD
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Hmm, ya! I could totally see that workin... good suggestion thanks! :D
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I think either the third top or the second bottom
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