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I am open for commissions!
I draw: animals, anthro, mythical creatures and monsters. I do not draw humans, robots, porn, pinup and extreme kinks.
Whole pricelist is here: Commissions

cross ★Doodlescross  CLOSED
3 picture pack 10USD +3USD for each next picture (max 10 for a slot)
(Exmpl: Comm: Rysthal by Kuroi-kisinComm: Argo by Kuroi-kisin Comm: birb by Kuroi-kisin
More:… )

Lines 30USD, colour 40USD
+15USD for additional character
+10USD details
(Exmpl: 2 by Kuroi-kisin5 by Kuroi-kisin8 by Kuroi-kisin


60USD +20USD for detailed background
simple background for free
(Exmpl: Comm: Zafyr by Kuroi-kisin Comm: Bloom by Kuroi-kisinComm: Rimuru by Kuroi-kisin
More:… )


110USD +40-80USD for detailed background +90USD for second character
simple background for free
(Exmpl: YCH: Princess Kris by Kuroi-kisinGolden light by Kuroi-kisinComm: Necro by Kuroi-kisin
More:… )


What to do:
Send me a note with:
- info about commission type,
- your paypal (i'll send an invoice after the sketch (exept for doodles and sketches)),
- your character reference,
- description/details what you want to see on the picture (if you have any preferences).
And I'll add you to the list C:

Hello guys!
I have twitter:
There is some wip's and art that I don't post here. So if you are interested - subscribe on me bear heart emoji