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Come closer and let me show you my fantasy world <3


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Commission Price List by Kuroi-Hitsuji

It has been... One and a half years since I went on hiatus on this site.

I'm still not really happy with anything at the moment but I want to give it a go again. I actually created a new account ages ago, to start all over again but then I thought... this isn't me. I would leave people behind who cared, who stuck around when I made my first steps on this website. Which was the moment that I started to form friendships with people from all over the world. That improved my English skills from a D to a B+ on my papers. No kidding here, I think deviantart was one of the main reasons, I mean I also started watching subbed anime and all but actually writing and talking to people does so much more than just reading.

Now, I am currently the trashiest Warriors trash out there and working on the 100 Characters challenge. So, this is the moment. I shall post all of this challenge here. Only those pictures even I create something else. And at the end of it, I can draw the line and decide if I stay or close this account for good.

(Well, not really close as I am a devoted stalker lurker on here but you know... what I mean...?)

So, enjoy a pile of fluffy, cute kitties. Who actually murder each other in cold blood.

Btw, it's also mostly thanks to the Warriors fandom on YT that keeps me inspired to draw these cats. Srsly. Look up Warriors MAPs on Youtube and be amazed by pure talent. Wish I could do that one day, too, but... gotta stick to this challenge for now.

WC 056 - Cinderheart by Kuroi-HitsujiWarrior Cats #057 - Ravenpaw by Kuroi-HitsujiWarrior Cats #058 - Sandstorm by Kuroi-Hitsuji
  • Listening to: Hamilton
  • Reading: Warrior Cats
  • Watching: WC MAPs
  • Eating: Toffifee
  • Drinking: mezzo mix


Kuroi-Hitsuji's Profile Picture
961 428
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Name: Franziska
D.o.B: July 29th
Current Age: 26
Occupation: Parcel loser
Current Residence: Germany, Bavaria

I'm an adult with a fulltime job but I suck at everything in daily life, basically. I spend too much money, I am a lazy procrastinate. Cleaning? Ahahaha...
I missed the chance to get into digital drawing when I was younger and had no time to practice this. So now I am in my mid twenties and among the n00bs. At least I found my passion with my cintiq as I always sucked at traditional art. The PC lets you cheat in so many ways, lmao...
Anyway, I am possessed by the green monster, and look at young amazing artists with fascination but also jealousy because I never got the hang of this and probably never will.
I am rather shy and humble in real life, a loner by nature and currently harrassed by a nasty depression that has been growing inside of me since I was around 15. Since my education got me nowhere and I work a job I am overqualified for considering my BA, I guess this is to be expected.

On a brighter note, I am obsessed by these popular cat books since they were first released in German and although I cannot make an impact on the fandom, I love the scene on youtube and the art in general.

Commissions are always open, art trades only friends/people I know for some time at least, no requests unless I make a special announcement for it.
I am sorry but as I stated, I have a fulltime job and need to make a living. My pay is horrible, the job is slowly destroying my body and mind anyway...

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