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The Fox and The Vampire

By Kurohime-29
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- - -

The fox saw a man sitting down writing on something. She can't help being so curious about his ears, something that she never have seen before. The man is a vampire so he has pointy ears.

The fox slowly approach the vampire as she wanted to touch the vampire's ears. The vampire noticed her, he did and say nothing but letting the fox touches his ears. He also surprise to see the fox, something that he never seen before.

- - -

The vampire is ~phryseth's OC, Victor.
He's also a prince of a fallen kingdom, trying to revive his kingdom.
I'm helping phryseth developing her character by using my OC the fox girl XD
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Would you mind if i used this for an journal,  ill make sure i put your name for the artwork.
xxstarfallxx's avatar
Funny, I'm a fox and my boyfriend is a vampire. cx
AGlovery's avatar
Beautiful! :) I like it a looot!!!
ScytheVale's avatar
Awwww,this is so adorable! >w< *Flails*

What's funny vamp hates foxes..and especially being called one because he kind of..looks foxy..XD
NamelessManic's avatar
Nice little story to go with your piece. ^^
Safiriel's avatar
Iztric's avatar
this is an interesting style. how did you do it?
darklinkblade's avatar
awsome art. the fox girl is realy cute
brobertson18's avatar
u should make a fanfic of this or something. i would very much enjoy it
Aquasparkle's avatar
Wow! Cute drawing. Its so...... awesome may I say? I LUV the fox x3
baileyjustin14's avatar
dont know who the guy is but love the drawing
10SumikuXAgaishi01's avatar
the vampire looks like Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto,except the guy's hair is a lighter tone than Sasuke's
ColoRapo's avatar
The vampire looks nothing like Sasuke.
The hairstyle is completely different, and that 'lighter tone' is called brown.

Protip: Most artists hate people comparing their OC's to anime characters.
10SumikuXAgaishi01's avatar
Heh.Sorry 'bout that. You see,when I'm high on Fanfiction, my brain tends to go overdrive and compares everything-well almost everything-to characters that I recognize. PS I'll keep that Protip in mind. ;)
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you should wright a story about these too charaters
Navyhim's avatar
this is amazing!!!!
furfear's avatar
TheYaoiLover24's avatar
How cute~~~~~~~~~~~~!
PatB91's avatar
i like the chemistry between the characters, it puts more lively hood in the picture
PauRiva's avatar
*-* i love it, its so sweet *-*
7Ninja7Shadow7Wolf's avatar
So Cute. you could make a story out of this Picture.
Purple-Bells's avatar
I like her mystified expression.
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