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Because of boredom and my insatiable need to practice, I am putting up a special commission sale for the month of September.

The S.S. Commissions aka Faux S.S. Project

For the entire month, I will be taking faux anime screenshot commissions for only US$7 each. It can be anything from portraits, action shots, to chibis. I can imitate the style you prefer or draw them in my style if you'd like. And of course, you will need to provide me the character and the subtitle for the shot. The subtitle will act as a prompt and it will inspire me to draw something for your character.

The only catch is that these "screenshots" will only be 700 pixels by 525 pixels. These commissions are only $7 each, so I don't expect to spend more than 2 days on each of them. Oh, and backgrounds may or may not be available, but I will do my best to make them as "screenshot-like" as possible!

Artwork will start as soon as payment is received. If you are interested, note me with the following info:

Subtitle (Line):
Reference Pictures:
Style: (Your Reference's Style or My Style?)
Paypal Email:

Faux SS 01: Kurama by kurohiko
Character: Youko Kurama
Series: Yu Yu Hakusho
Subtitle: After all, the reality we "exist" in is only a phantasmagorical hallucination.
Description: Kurama in half human half demon form; as if he is bowing to the readers, smiling devilishly. He knows something that mere humans do not.
Reference Pictures:…
Style: Reference's Style
Paypal Email:

Faux SS 02: Rima by kurohiko
Character: Touya Rima
Series: Vampire Knight
Subtitle: Kuran!
Description: Same as the reference provided, but make it more ~interesting~
Reference Pictures:…
Style: Reference's Style
Paypal Email:

Questions? Leave them in the comments below. Thanks everyone~ :aww:

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Vampire-KnightRP's avatar
Aww, I so wish I had come in time XD
kurohiko's avatar
^^; Ah well, commissions are open at the moment. :D I can't give you the $7 price anymore, but for $10, at least the screenshot will be 100pixels wider. :meow:
Vampire-KnightRP's avatar
I see X3 I would if I had paypal and the money cause your pics are totally worth it XD Its all good though ^^ Im happy with just seeing what you come up with on your own ^^
j-miel's avatar
Oooh! I'm interested, but I prefer to have some sort of reference for you to use, and its an OC btw. XD
kurohiko's avatar
OC's I can do too~ :3 You can choose a series you like and I can imitate their style for your OC. :3
j-miel's avatar
Cool! :D Sorry about the late response, I was wondering if you can draw her?: that's the only full body ref, since I'm currently working on a character sheet for my other ones. I can ask for commissions later once the picture is finish. XD

Style: Macross Frontier
Description: OC clinging on her new guitar (the flying V in the ref) and she's very ecstatic.
Subtitle: This is great for my first gig!
kurohiko's avatar
No problem~ I'll note you my paypal email. :tighthug: Thanks so much~
j-miel's avatar
You're welcome! :hug:
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