Free Sketch: Share the Love + Help Chile

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UPDATE: Alright, since only 4 participated, I think I'll draw for all four. :meow:

:iconj-miel: :iconcute-nina: :iconranagol: :iconhobbes918:

For those who haven't given them yet, your requests please. :love:

An LJ community is helping Chile recover:… Lots of art to be won, so please place your bids if you can.

Things may not be clear the first time I posted this so here:

1. comment on this journal
2. offer 3 (or more) sketches to random people
3. random number generator will choose who wins who loses
4. SPREAD THE LOVE ON :devart:! :love:

Originally By MediaViolence over at…

There's been a lot of negativity going around this site lately, not just directed at me, but directed at friends, fellow artists and bah! It's just too much.

I wanna do something to try to counter all the bad vibes I've been encountering so here's the deal.

I'll draw a free sketch for a three randomly selected people who comment on this journal BUT in return you have to post this in your journal and do the same thing for three other people! Spread the love!

So if you'd like to get in on the free raffle, go ahead and leave a comment on this journal with a link to who you'd like me to draw (no real people, sorry only 2D) and after I have enough comments I'll use a random # generator to pick out the 3 I'll draw.

If you're just feeling nice and want to help spread some good vibes feel free to repost this in your journal if you like :3 Sometimes it's fun to just, I don't know, be nice to people.
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Eeeh~ You want one? :3
mondaytrain's avatar
Oooh~can I? Yes please! (^o^)/
kurohiko's avatar
Sure~ Who would you like? :3
mondaytrain's avatar
If you don't mind, Ryu Hayabusa and Ayane from DOA? :]
kurohiko's avatar
As a couple? Or separately? :D
mondaytrain's avatar
Hm, a couple would be nice. :love: But it's your choice.

Btw, am giving finishing touches to the sketch. Might be able to put it up tomorrow. :]
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Yeeey, I won too :dance: Here is my journal: [link]
Would you draw me my OC Philippe? I don't have much reference for him, just this: [link] He is the young boy down. Normally he don't have this silly face ^^; He is usually bored. A 16 years old boy who is a butler and servant of a vampire. He wears elegant black suits, and he is thin.
kurohiko's avatar
Is Philippe the boy on the last panel (lower right)? :) He sounds adorable~
Ranagol's avatar
Yes, he is with the "F*ck" text :XD: He looks cute, but he is dangerous, and usually look bored. He is really not a typical teenager, he rather rolls his eyes all the time :XD:
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Gotta love this meme~

I'm doing it too. Here's my journal if you're interested: [link]

I'd love a sketch of [link] [link] [link]
Ranagol's avatar
Wow, I'd like to take part in this free drawing thing :D
cute-nina's avatar
by the way... im doing a journal for free sketches. does that mean i have to do another one??
kurohiko's avatar
...haha I know that meme. I haven't finished mine yet either, but yeah, you might have to post another one. ^^;
cute-nina's avatar
:iconshockplz: NO WAY!!!~
... but i will if i have to
but can i do it after i finish all my requests??
kurohiko's avatar
Lol... well... :XD:

Maybe you can just spread the message? :meow: 10 sketches can be hard and I see you still have extra goodies to give out~
cute-nina's avatar
spread the message?? how?
kurohiko's avatar
By putting up a blog post on your dA account? ^^;
cute-nina's avatar
ah. haha i knew that... what should it say?
kurohiko's avatar
Tell them that a meme is going on I guess? ^^;
j-miel's avatar
Sure I'll give it a shot, and I'll do the same on my journal. :D And if I win the raffle could you draw Sailor V?. ^^
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