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EDIT 2: Only 1 day left! :meow: Thank you to those who've participated so far! :love:

I wonder if I need to extend the deadline? Hm...

EDIT: You have 10 days left! :meow: I have 5 entries so far, please give them love too~ :heart:

:snowflake: E N T R I E S :snowflake:
snow flakes fallin' by Erikate :thumb187824102: Gift: Cammy n Rei by Evangeline-Louise Art trade by yuukihanabusa Feline sisters by japanisesakuras Commission - Eri-Hime by DioBrando :thumb189740408:

It appears that I will be spending Christmas by myself this year... no Christmas get-together with the family, no Christmas dinner, and... well, no presents either. Truthfully, presents usually go down in number when your age goes up, but I digress!

As I never really get invited to Secret Santa events in :devart: either, I decided to be a little bit selfish this year. Oh Santa, please forgive me!

Anyway! Since a lot of people want to do art trades with me, I will open this event:

:snowflake: Gift me a SNOW Fanart for Christmas, and I will match it! :snowflake:

For example:
:bulletwhite: If you sketch one of my OCs, then I will sketch a character of your choice (oc or fanart).
:bulletwhite: If you give me line art, you can either ask me to color it, or I'll give you a line art too.
:bulletwhite: If you give me colored works, then I will give you one too.

:bulletwhite: If I can not match your work (like written work, cosplay, plushies, etc.)... then I am at your mercy! then you can request a commission from me and I will give you the high resolution via email.
:bulletwhite: If in case the written work is a short comic script that I like, then I will post it as a webcomic on my site and credit you as the writer.

Sounds good to you? Cool! Have some rules:

1. Entries must have the theme SNOW incorporated in them. It doesn't matter if it's actually snowing, or if there's a single snowflake ornament in one of the character's hair. Interpret it however you'd like!
2. Only fanarts submitted from now until December 16th will be accepted. That gives you 3 weeks!
3. Only my original series (A.illusions, Twilight's Calling, and Karma) will be accepted. Fanart from my doujinshin (Mote-Mote) will not be accepted unless you draw Baku in human form as he is also my OC.
4. Note me with the link to your deviation and write your Christmas Wish.
5. Please remember that I will match your requests with what you give me as a fair trade. If you draw 1 character, then I will also draw 1 character for you.
6. The top entries will be included in my next independent comic's fanarts section.
7. ALL ENTRIES will be included in the Gift section of my…
8. ALL ENTRIES will be featured in my deviantart journal for the entire month of January 2011.
9. Have fun please! Make this a Happy Christmas for me, you, and everyone too!

:snowflake: Who are my original characters?
Please read up about them for free on my online manga:…

Questions? Leave a comment and I will answer them here. :aww: Thank you everyone!

PS. Needless to say Commissions are closed for the month of December! But orders that I've already been paid for will be finished up soon! Thank you for your patience~

:snowflake: Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I participate in this event even if I don't have a :devart: account?
Yes, absolutely! Instead of noting my your entry, you can email it to me in kurohiko at gmail dot com!

How many entries will be included in your independent comic?
That really depends... but I currently have space for 4.

Who are the people judging the entries?
For now, just me. I might use a poll to determine the winner, but I'm not sure yet.

Can I donate prizes?
Sure! That would be awesome! Leave me a note and if there are enough entries, I will reply to you to confirm your donation.

Can I enter more than once?
Nope, sorry, not for now... I want to be able to draw each person something in return. It wouldn't be fair if I can only draw you one thing when you're giving me more... unless of course, that's ok with you..! Because I love getting fanart! >.<

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SweetIris's avatar
Finally finisheeeeed~~~


I hope I still made the deadline. :love:
kurohiko's avatar
Yep, you made it! :hug: Let me know who you'd like me to draw for you ok? :meow:
SweetIris's avatar
Q u Q
Could you please draw my OC, Platinum?

Here are some reference pics: [link] [link]

kurohiko's avatar
No problem~ :tighthug:

I can actually draw 2 characters for you if you'd like. :love:
SweetIris's avatar
\(* Q *)/ Oh my that would be wonderful. :love:

If it's alright with you, please draw Platinum and Evangeline ([link])

And thank you thank you so much! :hug:
EverViciousYuna's avatar
Ano... this sneaked up on me. Can I have just one day and I can get my submission in?
kurohiko's avatar
Sure! You can take some time to do your entry... If you get it in before Christmas, then I will still match it! :tighthug:
EverViciousYuna's avatar
Thank you! I had to find the brushes I wanted for the snowflakes and frost. Not to mention I'm still adjusting to using a tablet computer.
kurohiko's avatar
Take your time, dear~ :heart: And thank you for working on your entry so hard. :love:
Autumn-Fyre's avatar
Graaaaaaah nuuuuuuu its not done yet. xD
Its ok, I'll just give it to you when its finished anyway, whether it's an art trade or not.
kurohiko's avatar
Haha... how long do you still need? :meow:
Autumn-Fyre's avatar
I don't really know. Life is chaotic xD
In any case, don't worry about it, it'll just be gift art for christmas <3
kurohiko's avatar
Aww, thank you! But in case you get it in before Christmas, then I will still match it, ok? :hug: I hope life gets better for you!
Autumn-Fyre's avatar
Aww, you're sweet. <3
Thank you :hug:
Autumn-Fyre's avatar
Could you tell me which characters of yours are pairs? And which of your characters are good friends?
Just wanting to make sure I don't put enemies or people who don't know eachother in the same picture doing something cute. Lol!
kurohiko's avatar
Oh wow... uhm... :la: I never really gave that much thought about "pairs" yet... let me think about that.

For A.illusions:

Pairs: Eri and Shijirou; Tifa and Eyes; Danaan and Tori(?) <-- they are in a love/hate relationship because Danaan beats him up a lot for being an "idiot". :XD:

Friends: Rei, Lei, and Yukee; Khyle and Tori (who always become yaoi with each other even though they are straight!); Renka and Tifa;

For Twilight's Calling:

Pairs: Twilight and Sean; Jazz and Miguel

Friends: Twilight, Sean, Jazz, Miguel, and Cammy; Kate, Enzo, Warren, Anthony, and AJ

Enemies: Kate and Twilight. :XD:

For Karma: The three of them are angels, so they are "siblings".

And finally, well, poor Baku is all alone, because he like Kuromi, but she is not my OC. :love:
mondaytrain's avatar
Oh yeah! Twilight's Calling! *v*
kurohiko's avatar
:love: I was only the continuing artist, but heck... I loved those characters like they were my own.

...sad to say, Kate and her band were my own creation. :lmao: All that purple hair!
CrimsonVendetta's avatar
Count me in!! :omg: I'm such a creeper.
kurohiko's avatar
;p Looking forward to your work! :love:
CrimsonVendetta's avatar
Finished! Merry Christmas!!!
kurohiko's avatar
Thank you so much! I hope you got my note... don't forget to let me know who you want me to draw! :love:
CrimsonVendetta's avatar
Haha, I've already got a sketch done up. I should be finished pretty soon--hopefully. @____@
japanisesakuras's avatar
I'm joining~! :la: i'll just have to steal the computer that has the epic drawing program later today >w>~~~ :heart:
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