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I have some free time in the next few weeks, so I thought I might as well open up some commission slots.

I will be opening 5 slots for now, and see what happens when I finish them.

Special Offer: $20 commission
:bulletwhite: 1000x700 pixel colored illustration
:bulletwhite: minimal background
:bulletwhite: maximum of three characters
:bulletwhite: sample: kurohiko.deviantart.com/art/Co…

Feel free to post questions or message me with your commission request, and I will see what I can do~ :meow:

UPDATE: Yes, you can pay a deposit first (50% total payment), then pay the rest when the commission is finished. :)

Thanks for reading!

Commission Updates
1. kittara-jaganshi > status: DONE
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Hey Kurohiko, are these still open? :D
kurohiko's avatar
Well, if you don't mind the wait, yes. :) I have to finish a manga commission and I am 3 pages away from doing so! :D
hythrain's avatar
I could probably wait a bit. :D
kurohiko's avatar
I can message you as soon as I'm available again... Current commissions are killing me at the moment. :D In a good way~
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Vampire-KnightRP's avatar
I dont suppose you do point commissions humm?
kurohiko's avatar
Erk... Well, I've never tried it? Ahaha... @o@;;; I'm not sure how much a point costs. >.<;;;
Vampire-KnightRP's avatar
Oh okies XD

Cost? I dont remember the exact prices of points Humm.... XD Lemme go check.... Okies, so the price becomes a better deal depending on how many you get. The prices are listed where you can click 'points' at the top of DA. :)
kurohiko's avatar
Hrm... well, let's do it this way: tell me what kind of commission you have in mind and I'll quote a "point price" for it. :)
Vampire-KnightRP's avatar
(sorry it took me so long to reply, I was grounded Dx)

That sounds like a good idea :) how much would it cost me if I where to ask you to draw my OC (Yoko Kinshu, I will give you a ref if you decide to take this commission) using her ability (Aura) in some way or another. There are examples and descriptions of Aura on the ref sheet :3 No background needed if it lowers the price at all.(im saving my points for a super group)
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Hey, that's exciting!! =DD

What happened to the Kurama x Maya short story?! =PP
kurohiko's avatar
@_@;;; W-well, I sort of ran out of ideas on what to do with the short story to be honest. ;o;
petmeow's avatar
kurohiko's avatar
But but but, WAIT! Don't cry on me now... I just watch Kimi ni Todoke after all! Now I can work on the script again! >.<;;;
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pandaandpotato's avatar
What is that "Love Comes" you are watching? Joe Cheng's 欢迎爱光临?
kurohiko's avatar
Nope~ It's a Japanese movie about an anime script writer who is still in love with his childhood friend/bully. :XD: It's super cute~ I need to write a review about it! :heart:
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kittara-jaganshi's avatar
Hahaha! :) it helps to check all my websites after work everyday.
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