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You're Like a Father to Me



...I have POLYchromatic in my brain. :| And Kuromi's in there too. ;p

Clow Reed is beginning to become like a father to Kuromi. Which is nice because Kuromi doesn't really have a good relationship with her parents ever since she rebelled / ran away to chase her dream.

Played with colors here. :XD: And it looks so... psychedelic. :) I kinda like it. And hm... I make Clow look short. :| As much as I'm a fan of CLAMP, the uber long limbs and huge hands..? Just not my style. :(

...Kuromi certainly looks like a Mokona here though. :D

Done purely in Photoshop. :heart: my pink tablet~! Dedicated to Clow-mun~! :glomp:
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