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Welcome Home...

Seven years pass before Kuromi finally finds a way to become human... permanently. She and Jun become rock stars while Hiiragi becomes one of Japan's top violinist and is recognized world-wide.

Their careers take them on separate paths, but their love still blooms to this day. On one October morning, Hiiragi makes sure that he is free for one week in order to come home and visit his beloved fiance as promised.

"Welcome home, my love..."

Ok, so that technically never happened in canon, but I wish it would. :( I made Hiiragi have slightly longer hair, and added glasses while Kuromi let her hair down in order to look more mature for Hiiragi (he's 2-3 years older I think).

Weird looking BG is weird... I saw a picture of a scenery behind a woven screen, and this is how I remembered it. Ok, so it wasn't purple, but I like purple. ;p
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Absolutely dazzling!
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awesome!!! i love this couple alot ♥ Love 
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Thanks~ I love them too~ :heart: And I miss them a lot...
Awwwwwwww! :3 Love. It. Sooooo much <33
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Thanks for all the comments~ :love: Totally made my day. ;p
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beautiful <33333 Keiichi looks hot with longer hair XD
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I think he looks hot whatever I do to him... :XD: Hee~
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omg, so pretty. I missed your art. <3 And you and your megane fetish. XDD But he looks so gorgeous. <333
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It is not a fetish... I think... :XD: I hardly have time to draw now a days, lol~ My life sux that way. :(
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XDD What else is it?

;.; I know. Hopefully it'll ease up soon.
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..appreciation? :lmao: I phail in making excuses. :D

:hugs: Thanks~ I'm sure it will...
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