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Waiting in 4th Avenue Cafe

You may download for full size. :)

She is actually a character for my webmanga, A.illusions. :love: But she has not been introduced yet. Who is she? And who is she waiting for?

On a separate note, she is also how I imagine Kaname Kuran from Vampire Knight looks like if he is female. :D

Drawn with pencil on scrap paper (during work meeting).
Patterns from Photoshop.
BG is stock photo I took with my camera phone.

Hope everyone likes this. ;p
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really beautiful.nice work
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Thank you so much~ :love:
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It looks very 3D for anime style. pretty detailed. I really like the wrinkles in the dress. It's great ^_^
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Thank you very much! The perspective is a little off, but I tried, I guess. ^^; Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment! :aww:
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I can't tell lol. You're welcome ^_^
this is very pretty and delicate:)
and yes i think kaname would look like something on the lines of this if he were a girl...maybe taller:))
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Thank you! I'm glad someone agrees with me~ :giggle:
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she would kaname feminine??
ummm because I prefer it like this xD
this very good drawing
happiness is actually very nice ^ ^
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Well, yes, in a way? Haha, I think Kaname would be a very pretty girl. :blushes: Probably more lady-like than Yuuki too. :meow:
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absolutely georgeous! I just love it! the trees outside are awesome, and the window and the great line art! I love it!
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Thanks very much! :thanks: That makes me really happy~ :tighthug:
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Glad I could help! ^^
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Your style very good:D
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Thanks! I'm glad you think so~ :heart: :hug: :heart:
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Simply beautiful :)

kurohiko's avatar
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I like this one :iconblushplz: good job ^^
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Thank you so much~ :tighthug:
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Hi. So who is she waiting for?
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Haha, I don't know... but she's waiting for someone she knows she will meet sooner or later. :meow:
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Wow, that seems well......exciting! hehe!:love:
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Gah! I miss A.Illusions

but i still remember the 4th avenue cafe
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Haha, I'm taking a break from it... I don't know if you got the new link for A.illusions..? :meow: It's here~ [link]
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On first glance, the table looks like it's floating in mid-air. Her left hand is smaller than her right. I do wish I could color like you, though. :heart:

L'Arc~en~Ciel rocks. I really do wish someone would make a 4th Avenue Café. :XD: Wait, if she's waiting for someone, where's the extra chair? ^^=
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