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Turnabout Cafe

Gah... It's 2:30am..! :dead:

Yumeno Uta, Turnabout Café's lolita waitress from the Polychromatic alternate universe.

Dedicated to Carufish, who plays the most awesome Cain Hargreaves ever... Congratulations, you've turned a happy, colorful girl into a dark, mysterious loli...

:glomp: belated happy birthday~

And for goodness sake, the left side is cream while the right is strawberry syrup. :dead:

Download for full size. :)
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I love Onegai My Melody, if their's ever an English dub, it better be good (if 4kids gets it I'll kill them) It's already been dubbed in Taiwan and Italy
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I love the series very much as well... I've seen the Taiwanese version, heh~ not the best in my opinion. :)
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Japanese is always best, I saw the Itallian opening and it wasn't that good, they didn't even show Kuromi in the opening in that version. :(
They called it My Melody Sogni Di Magia (My Melody Magic Dreams -_-)
Like I said nothing beats Japanese versions XD
I don't understand why Sanrio hasn't sent it to America yet, maybe their afraid of 4kids excecivily editing it (remember Tokyo Mew Mew and One Piece) XD
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I don't know... I don't think the series did very well generally. The series seems to be in the low budget category, even though it had 4 seasons. :XD:

And haha... I haven't seen any of 4kids' dubbed works. But from the way you make it sound, I'm glad I never did! :laughing:
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It actually had a some products made for it (I have a few things from the series). It's sad thought it got taken over by Jewelpet. It seems that more American people like it than they do over in Japan. Even boys watch it Lol! XD
Yeah, if America finally gets Onegai My Melody, I hope funimation gets it, not 4kids...
4kids is the worst, they butcher any good anime they can find (and killed the only video game I like with their crappy voice actors Sonic X)
They also americanize things for little kids to understand it -_-
They change a teen anime to a show for 4 year olds

You can see some stuff on youtube but let me show you one thing, the famous Tokyo Mew Mew battle cry changed to little girls rap XD:


Also in Tokyo Mew Mew, they changed to Mew Mew Power to fricken Americanize it, plus the main character "Ichigo" 4kids changed her name to "Zoey". They never finished dubbing all 52 episodes, they only did 26, they lost rights to the show, I think it's all the edits they did.
You can see some more stuff on youtube if you like, but I hear 4kids is going bankrupt (YES!)
kurohiko's avatar
Haha, I'm sure they didn't mean any harm... It was probably a decision made by someone who doesn't understand anime fans. Hopefully they learn from their mistake before they do go bankrupt.
MyMeloGal2's avatar
Yeah, they don't understand anime
The people that are really behind it is The Parents Televison Council! They're the true materminds behind it and control 4kids (Al Kahn is also one of the masterminds). PTC makes sure that television is "safe" (it's all I could think of) for kids. PTC said that Shaman King had "cultural landminds" and kids wouldn't understand culture. I don't blame the editors because it's their job, I blame PTC and Al Kahn (I WILL NEVER FORGIVE THEM WHAT THEY DID TO TOKYO MEW MEW AND SONIC X)
I'm just praying that Funi or ADV gets Onegai My Melody :D
kurohiko's avatar, you've really done your research on this! Do you have sources for all this info? I think I want to make a blog post about it. :)
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Pretty! I love the two dresses and I definitely wouldn't mind tasting those sweets XD.
kurohiko's avatar
Haha, thank you... I want a parfait too right about now~ :love:
BerriBunni's avatar
cute concept! Love the yummie looking deserts~
kurohiko's avatar
Thank you so much~ :hug:
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Oh, Wow! This is amazingly done. I love the outfits they're so cute. ^-^
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Thanks so much! I appreciate that! :thanks:
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You know that icon I just made for Hiiragi? Yeah. His muse is doing that right now. 8D
kurohiko's avatar
Wait, whut? WHY?! He doesn't like it? ;p
knuxiechan's avatar
Oh, he does. XD
kurohiko's avatar
Pfft, but I suppose he'll never admit it, oh well. :XD:
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Thank you so much :D I love it! I'd go to a cafe where the maids dressed like this <3
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You're welcome! And haha, me too! Too bad there aren't any cute cafes where I am. :(
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