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The Titanic Curse



Experimenting with colored manga pages... because I miss doing those. :( Very simple 2 page comic of a plot scene from my RP Blog. :) I know there are minimal backgrounds, but like I said... this was an experiment. @_@

Lesson learned in making this comic:

1. Digital Inking via Wacom is harder than it looks.
2. Must not attempt digital inking when reaching a deadline.
3. Never sketch something you plan to ink on a sketchpad. The ink doth bleedeth. Dx
4. Never make promises you can't keep.

I wonder if I should make a full doujin of this..? Then again... There are so few fans of Kurumi x Hiiragi that it just might not be worth the trouble... :( Maybe online manga would be better? :D

So glad my laptop held out for me. \o/ Sumomo is very reliable when one has no electricity. :3 *nods nods*
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Idk if this is a full ver but If it is idk how to find the full thing