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The Titanic Curse

Experimenting with colored manga pages... because I miss doing those. :( Very simple 2 page comic of a plot scene from my RP Blog. :) I know there are minimal backgrounds, but like I said... this was an experiment. @_@

Lesson learned in making this comic:

1. Digital Inking via Wacom is harder than it looks.
2. Must not attempt digital inking when reaching a deadline.
3. Never sketch something you plan to ink on a sketchpad. The ink doth bleedeth. Dx
4. Never make promises you can't keep.

I wonder if I should make a full doujin of this..? Then again... There are so few fans of Kurumi x Hiiragi that it just might not be worth the trouble... :( Maybe online manga would be better? :D

So glad my laptop held out for me. \o/ Sumomo is very reliable when one has no electricity. :3 *nods nods*
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Dear me, so damn beautiful! <3
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Thank you kindly~ :aww: Happy you like them~
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wait a minute. Does Hiiragi likes Kuromi as human in the Manga?
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Oh, Onegai My Melody doesn't really have a manga... I did draw one though, but it's not done yet. :) You can read it here: [link]
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Kuromi Hiragi <3
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:love: Yes, this pairing needs more love!
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Its a AMAZING!!! :O
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Aw! So cute! Love this couple!
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Thanks~! :heart: There are not a lot of fans for this pairing, so I'm happy to see another fan~ :tighthug:
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No problem.
I think that there aren't too many fans of this show and that's why there aren't too many fans of this pairing. If more people watched it, it'll definitely have more fans
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More people prefer Uta x Hiiragi or Uta x Kogure. It makes me sad... But in any case, I'll keep drawing them anyway~ :heart:
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Awww that so swee of Hiiragi to protect kuromi!
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Mm-hm~ Even if he is cold, he's very sweet to Kuromi~ :love:
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yes, there may be so few fans of KurumixHiragi...
but to the few people who luv the pairing... I say...


By KuromiFan1996 (on youtube)
[Crack pairing time! The ultimate pairing:
MeXDeidaraXSasoriXItachiXPein? yeah i like piercings]

Ps.I'm not very popular on youtube, but if you make this doujin, I can publish it...

Everyone wants to be happy...
Nobody wants to be in pain...
But you can't have a rainbow...
whithout any rain...
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I'm working on a doujin with them as a pairing, yes. ^_^ It will take a little more time though, but I am halfway through~
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*keeps staring*

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Haha, thank you! I really should finish this series soon. :XD:
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And I like that RP scene - so dramatic *__* Nyahahahaha :excited:
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Thank you! I'm sure my friend, who writes as Hiiragi, will appreciate you comments too! :love:
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