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Sailor Moon Crystal - Uranus And Moon

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I read about a Sailor Uranus’ “Tuxedo Kamen” form, but I never really got to see any evidence of it 
until very recently. When I was still quite young, and lesbian relationships were pretty much non-existent to me, I used to believe that Uranus was a man in her past life. This idea came from a flashback scene from the original Sailor Moon anime. I distinctively remember seeing Sailor Uranus in a tuxedo, rather than a princess’ gown, while she was standing beside Neptune.

I guess that made it seem natural for me that Uranus would flirt with girls and is extremely close to Neptune. My innocent brain made a story all on its own, I suppose? Is it still considered GL (Girls’ Love) or yuri when one was a boy in her past life?

I don’t necessarily “ship” Uranus with Moon, but I’ve been thinking about drawing this illustration for quite some time. You see, this was originally for Miss Nica, the voice actress of the Philippine dubbed version of Sailor Uranus. But life happened, so her birthday gift is way too delayed. Hopefully, she will still like it anyway~

Time for bed~ Drawing girls really do make a cheerful picture~
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I don't prefer to ship UraxMoon. But Nice art anyway.
Do you like this 'ship' or other 'ship'?
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Thanks! :thanks:

Technically, I only really ship Sailor Moon with Tuxedo Kamen... but while researching for Uranus art to draw inspiration from, I came across her "Tuxedo Kamen" form. Then I saw a scene from the manga where Neptune was getting annoyed/jealous over all the attention Uranus was giving Usagi, and well, this happened! 😆
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That's what I'm upset with. But in either manga or crystal, Neptune never get jealous over that as she understands Uranus. But the 90's one, she did. Also, the careness Uranus gives to Moon is a careness of a friend or is her responsibility to protect her, it's not a love/romantic relationship. I don't understand why Naoko did this way, but she strongly states that relationship between Neptune and Uranus is special, and sees it as the funniest, romantic couple. I guess in Japanese cultures or perspectives, in the case of UraNep as a married couple, they never jealous over each other because they understand each other. A couple that has not been married, they are not ensured about each other.
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Huh? Wait, so you would prefer that Neptune would get jealous over Sailor Moon in Crystal? Is that what you mean?
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No. I didn't mean that. What I meant is that Neptune NEVER jealous over Sailor Moon neither or that Uranus 'love' Sailor Moon (in both of Manga and Crystal). What many people think about relationship b/t Uranus and Moon, is completely a mistaken.
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Ooh! I see, I see! Well, I guess some fans mistake Uranus' loyalty for Sailor Moon as "love". I guess it makes for a nice fanfiction, but it's not canon anyway~ :)
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Yeah. For most of HaruxMichi fan, they were pissed off by UraMoon as well they broke their own phones and laptops. LOL!! I laughed about this news.
Like you, I also ship Tuxedo x Moon. Generally, I ship any couples that are 'true' and OFFICIAL confirmed like:
I could enjoy fanfic about UsagixHaru, but only as FRIENDSHIP.
Anyway, I like ur arts.
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In The Moon
😆 It was a set-up
I'm sorry I have the humor of a 5 year old
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I promise, I won't hold it against you!
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