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Pearl of the Orient



On September 26, the Philippines was hit by Typhoon Ketsana (locally called "Ondoy"), costing a lot of damage and a lot of lives.

My home was not spared by the floods, but my family and I are thankfully all safe. However, there are still many homes that are flooded until now.

I was planning to put this up as a print to sell for the benefit of the victims, but I don't think people generally buy prints from dA because it's pricey... I don't have a paypal account either to receive donations, so I urge you all to instead visit this journal entry by Jin. It lists all the places where you can donate in almost any form you can imagine.

Please help.

Twilight Montano from Mango Jam's Twilight's Calling.
Rei Kuassary from A.illusions.
English Lyrics of Lupang Hinirang from Wiki.

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wahh this brings memories.. i remember walking thru that typhoon on chest high waters~! X_x

but then agen, this is also a reminder that i am alive and im glad many more survived too!

i miss Twi.. too bad her comics ended too soon. :hug: