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'Onegai Loveless'?



POLYchromatic gave Kuromi an opportunity to meet Soubi, who in turn, thinks Kuromi is quite adorable.

This is an RP scene from which the City's Deities had taken Hiiragi back to his world, leaving Kuromi all alone. Kuromi wandered all night, searching for Hiiragi in the City and somehow ended up near Soubi's apartment. She was lonely, sad, and afraid, so when she saw Soubi was still awake, she tapped on his window. She wasn't sure why at first, but she asked him selfishly...

"You won't leave me too, would you?"

Surprisingly? Soubi answered her like it was that most serious thing in the world...

"Of course not."

And that's why they ended up hugging each other... ;x; I know Loveless fans and Onegai My Melody fans will probably kill me for this art, but... Whadaheck, it was cute..! >D You can't tell me Soubi hates rabbits, can you?!

You can read the entire thing here. Hope minna likes? :3

Dedicated to Soubi-mun! ^o^ Bunny loves you~~
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Something about this makes me go aww.