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OMM: One Snowy Day



She smiled at him; amused, despite herself. She carefully sat down beside him and gently wrapped her arms around him, whispering to him to rouse him from his slumber.

"Hiiragi-sama..." she cooed, "It's time to wake up..."

"...I don't want to." he said.

"Why not?"

"Because I'm afraid that if I open my eyes, you might not be there."

Mini Kiriban Contest Here!

I miss RP-ing. :(

I also miss working with traditional media. I'm in a stump with my current projects, and I did this during my break. This is a watercolor based illustration with color pencil finishing.

Sadly, the scanner can't pick up the colors exactly the way it looks in my sketch pad. :( It's always frustrating when it does that, especially since I think I work with traditional media better than digital. :cries:

Anyway, I got the inspiration from this picture from the lyrics of Stevie Hoang's song "Addicted". The song talks about a guy who can't move on and can't be with the one he loves. It reminded me of my Polychromatic days, because I realized Hiiragi must feel terrible that Kuromi is no longer there...

Everything here is traditionally done aside from the lyrics, border, and my Chinese stamp. :)

I've drawn their hair too long again, aiyah~ ^^;
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Looks wonderful! <3