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Moonlight Sonata

Etou... :iconknuxiechan: made me do it!!! :XD:

I mean, lol... Role-playing blogs can be a lot of fun. Especially with an interesting pairing. :heart: Read here NOW! :XD:

Before any misunderstandings arise, I like the Hiiragi Keiichi x Kurumi (human version of Kuromi) pairing, NOT Kuromi's weird fantasies of having Hiiragi's babies. :confused: That is just sick and wrong. :XD:

I swear, the creators of this anime were high when they were making the scripts. :lmao:

Made in Photoshop with lots of love! :love:
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SO KAWAII <333~!!!!! KuromiXHirragi FOREVER~!!! <33
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Yey~ A fellow fan~! :highfive:
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CRAP this is beautiful! I don't like to see stuff like this get ignored! It's not fair! >o< I shall publicize it!! >: D
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Wow, that's a huge compliment, thank you! :heart: Free publicity is always welcomed! :hug:
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Woah meyn...this is very ST. TAIL-eyyy!

Nice...I like the colors!!!
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Omg. XD SO CUTE. Hiiragi cares for his Romi and, um, is gonna find out who the culprit is or something.

YOUR ART IS SO PRETTY. Damn my art muse being so stubborn. D=
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:shock: Ahahaha~ Thanks muchly! :glomp: Be kind to your art muse and it'll warm up to ya! :hug:

Kinda sad no one else like Onegai My Melody... Rofl... then again, it's probably becuase there's no English version out yet. :XD:
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XD It could be that I'm just lazy too.

Yeah, probably. I'd love to fansub it but I dunno enough Japanaese. D=
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T_T Me too... It's so hard to follow once the convo gets serious... :( But even still, I hope I can download the whole 4th season. D:

Better yet, I want to DL the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th season!!! Even if there are no subtitles! T_T For the love of Hiiragi, they should provide us, plxktnx! xDDD
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Yeah, it can be. And eeeeh~ I can't wait for the 4th season. X3

I downloaded Kurukuru Shuffle off bittorrent. Not many people are seeding it anymore though so I can't get all the episodes. I downloaded some of the first season off of emule.
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Curse the people who have the series but refuse to seed. :XD: *shakes fist* Let me know if you find where I can DL the 4th Season, k? I just hope Hiiragi is there, and that he turns into Usamimi Kamen more. :XD: Just for the sheer heck of it!
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