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Mad Hatter

"Twinkle, twinkle, little bat,
How I wonder what you're at
Up above the world so high
Like a tea tray in the sky..."
- Mad Hatter

For Nyanko-chan's Contest~ :aww: View the original here!

I wanted to use the original Mad Hatter colors from Disney's Alice in Wonderland, but that might lack originality... So I colored it with something that still looks insanely crazy.

Pattern on his collar hand-drawn by me. :blushes: Thanks to Trellia Stock, Falln-Stock, and Debi-chiru for brushes and stock photos!

Happy New Year! Let us all have a great year ahead and continue to learn and improve our skills! :tighthug:
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Oh woooowwwww, mad hatterrrrrrrrrr
It so pretty , so details and the hands , you drew it perfectly.
And the colors, I really love it.
The details are awesome.

I wish I can draw like this.
kurohiko's avatar
Actually, I also wish I could draw like this... haha. The lineart is not mine, you see, I am just the colorist. :meow:
Sinjordan's avatar awesome! The line work is brilliant, and the excellent use of colour adds so much.
Bravo my dear, bravo. :)
kurohiko's avatar
Thanks a lot! By the way, that is =nyanko-chan's lineart. :) I am only the colorist. :D
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Did you think about entering the Alice contest [link] ? Just wondering...I can imagine that you'd do something really cool!
kurohiko's avatar
Thanks for the information! I think I will try and join that~ :meow:
hokuto's avatar
Mmmmm, that looks most lovely! X3 Excellent clean shading.
kurohiko's avatar
:blushes: Thank you very much!
MediaViolence's avatar
Wow I love all the details you added to this! Thanks for entering another contest :D
kurohiko's avatar
:blushes: Glad you like it~ :tighthug: And thanks for the awesome contest! I really enjoyed coloring this~ :heart:
knuxiechan's avatar
You definietly chose an awesome color scheme. It looks kickass. X3
kurohiko's avatar
Thank you~ :heart: Glad you likie~ :tighthug:
yuukihanabusa's avatar
I love it, the colors..and cool drawing
kurohiko's avatar
Nyanko-chan's art is really unique. :) And thank you very much! :tighthug:
yuukihanabusa's avatar
spritepirate's avatar
un-friggen-believably! Awsome! reminds me of hatter madigan
kurohiko's avatar
Hatter Madigan? :o

*looks for it*
spritepirate's avatar
what seriously i think you will enjoy what you will find
UnwantedEternity's avatar
I love it, the colors are gorgeous and I love the small touches!! Hope ya win hun! X3
kurohiko's avatar
Thanks! Definitely keeping my fingers crossed! ^^;
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