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Lying Obedience

By kurohiko
...I know. It's totally wrong. D: But, BLAH! I'm affected!!! >.<;;;

Kuromi from Sanrio / Onegai My Melody
Agatsuma Soubi from Loveless

Story behind the picture can be found here.

Sketch from some random paper thing. Cropped from original.

...must sleep. =_=;;; Will write something else latah. D:
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Soubi is sooooooooooooo well drawn!
kurohiko's avatar
Aww, thank you very much! :)
Maya-Kitajima's avatar
Aww! XD Soubi and Kuromi look so cute together!
kurohiko's avatar
Thankiesh very muchly~! :heart:
arisacat's avatar
this man is very handsome....but ....hiiragi is more suitable for kuromi><

i want to see them......><
kurohiko's avatar
True... I think only Hiiragi is best for Kuromi. :heart: I made this only to make Hiiragi jealous~ hee hee~ :D
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Uwaaaiii, you drew and colored this so well!!:clap: I really love the soft purplish tone you put at the ends of his hair~!!
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Thank you~ I'm happy you like it! :thanks:
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Soubi looks so pretty.. <3 But Hiiragi's still jealous.
kurohiko's avatar
D: Will draw him more then. :XD:
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Wow, it's amazingly doneO.o good job ^-^
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