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Locadol Submission: Maya

This is a submission to Locadol's contest:

It's pixelated in pixiv. I'm not sure why.
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you're drawing a low light piece, you could've added more drama to it if you played with the shadows more and made them harsher... the inside of her skirt should be blackened, her bangs should cast more shadows on her face to add more depth, and the lighting on the girl suggests that she's dancing this in daylight in front of a black curtain

too bad, i really, really like the effort you put on the stripes and her tattoos
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Yeah, I totally agree with you... I didn't want to make it too dark because this is a character design contest, but I really appreciate all your comments! I checked this on my mobile phone too, and I can see that I need to adjust my monitor's settings. Oh Noes! 

Maybe for now, I'll just have to pretend that's a black curtain. Tantrum 
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Her foot looks strange, and I do have some doubts with the blue candle.
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Gotta agree with you there, although I'm not exactly sure how to correct it either. :XD:

As for the blue candle, what sort of doubts?