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Must. Stop. Editing.

Influence Map by `fox-orian
Blank Template: [link]

I have a ton of influences, some of the most important ones I wasn't able to add, because my first teacher doesn't have a website. ^^;

First and second lines are all mainstream anime/manga. The third line is to pay tribute to dA influential artists:

Lynsley Brito: ~mushroomtale
Fred Gallagher: ~fredrin
Rann-sama: =rannsama
Shilin: *shilin
Elmer Damaso: ~iq40

EDIT: My bad... changed and credited Gundam SEED and Fate/Stay Night's authors/creators.
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OMG, thanks so much, Rei-nee! This brings back so many memories... D: I haven't touched VF in a long... long long time... TT___TT