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How I Draw: Basic Structure

Blog: [link]

For those who missed Indie Sketchng Studio, here's a little tutorial on how I draw~

1. Stick Figure. Yes, for full body illustrations, I actually start by sketching a stick figure to make sure the character fits on the page. I don’t want to have to cut off any limbs just because I ran out of paper room. It’s a good way to get the pose right quickly or brainstorm something when I’m lacking inspiration.

2. Anatomy Check. The average person is about 7 heads high, but what does that really mean? (」゚ペ)」Basically, you literally make an estimated measure of the character’s head, then double that measurement for the torso, upper leg, and lower leg. You don’t have to measure it with a ruler or anything crazy accurate like that! An estimate is all well and good.

3. Figure Drawing. This is where I draw all the curves and muscles. No clothing yet (ecchi!!! ヽ(-`д´-)ノ) because that’s the only way I’ll know how the clothes would fall to the body’s shape.

4. Inks. If I’m confident enough with how the whole thing looks, then I start inking. Nothing fancy with inking, just your basic black or brown lines.

5. Colors. I usually do flat colors first before adding light and shadow. ~(^з^)-☆

If you have any questions, feel free to comment~ I'm not an expert but I'll try my best to help!
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I have trouble not just drawing the skeleton in a good pose, but also drawing over the skeleton too, it hardly come out good. I want to learn how to draw the male and female body from scratch using the skeleton, also add on the fact that I'm also learning how to draw hands, different facial expression, drawing from different angles just so much stuff I want to get better at, but I'm still going to practice with all of it, just don't know where to start.:| (Blank Stare)
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Yeah first its a stick figure and then it looks like a person.

Admit it that you and the other artists on the world use some kind of witchcraft to do that. XD
I bet you and all the others have some kind of deal with an Art god or Demon who does all that for you. :P

And we fools, who cant even get a simple circle right, wonder how that stuff is done :P
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Ahaha... As fas as I can remember, I didn't make any deals with any gods or demons...

Although I may have skipped an important part here, which is the sketching part. ;p I better make a more detailed tutorial next time!
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i was wondering if you'd mind if this was put in my group [link] for people to use? it's a group for people to go to when they need help drawing
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No problem~ ;p Hope it helps someone!
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i draw just like this :P
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Then our techniques are alike~ ;p
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Thank you! I hope it's helpful! :thanks:
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