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Hiiragi Keiichi: Mote-Mote



Since my desire to continue A.illusions has been draining out a lot lately, I might work on this one shot doujin or Polychromatic... Should be able to release it some time this month or something~ to keep the readers from waiting for the updates...

:iconknuxiechan: I hope I spelled your name right? Er... ^^;

EDIT: ...I am made of fail, please kill me after I edit that error. x.x;;;

Project: Fan Comics
Series: Onegai My Melody
Characters: Hiiragi Keiichi, Yumeno Uta, Kuromi, and possibly Baku

EDIT2: Mote-Mote apparently means "Lady's Man" or something like that. ;p He uses that as the license plate of his car for goodness sake! :XD:

EDIT3: Mote-Mote is now online! Read it for free!
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