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HKO: Game Masters

Hello Kitty Online's Game Masters (left to right):
GM Neverender, GM Abby, and GM Bacon.

We got to see them when they gave an online interview in level-up. :)

Used Saiyagina's Texture: [link]

Also took HKO's official logo from the internet. :D looks like a CD cover, doesn't it?
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Brilliant brilliant! I haven't touched HKO in a while........I'm at London :D :D :D :D :D yeah! The great thing about the game is the relationship between Kitty and Daniel :D :D my fave couple! Keep up the great work
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Thanks! ANd I haven't been playing HKO in a long time too... I think I may have fallen out of love with it. :'(
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Ahh oh well we fall out of love with things sometimes! I just fell in love with Spirited Away all over again :D
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Ah~ studio ghibli~ :heart: My favorite us Howl's Moving Castle~ :meow:
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I love Howl's Moving Castle and I just recently watched Castle in The Sky :D
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it's just funny how people become so serious about playing this's basically like you're playing an rpg game while you're on acid..
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Acid? Why is that? :o
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Never heard of HKO but cute work! :)
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Hello Kitty Online? It's a casual game with lots of cute things on it~ :heart: And thank you very much~ :heart:
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