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Faux SS 01: Kurama

The Faux SS Project!

A special commissions sale for the month of September!

Please view my journal for more info: [link]

Series: Yu Yu Hakusho
Character: Youko Kurama
Materials: Photoshop
Time: 8-10 hours
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Thank you very much! :love:
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I know some people are probably wondering about this, so here. Phantasmagorical IS in fact a legitimate word. Here's the first definition of it, which fits the context with which it's being used:

1.) Having a fantastic or deceptive appearance, as something in a dream or created by the imagination
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Thanks for adding the definition! :)
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I think I've fainted. Love kyahh!!! kurama!!! *faints* awesome drawing
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Thank you for the comment! :heart:
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This is really cool!! love it!
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Thank you very much! :aww:
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no problem just please tell me how you did it!
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Uhm... I just drew this in Photoshop and used cell-shading style of coloring to make it look like an anime screenshot. :)
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the subtitle confuses me but i'm in luv with this half youko half suuichi thing!
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Hahaha! It confuses me too, but I think Kurama would be the type to say intelligent things like that! :meow:
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*in awe* Damn, I love it. :D
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Thank you very much! :tighthug:
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your welcome! <3
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Alright this art keeps on bugging me so I have to say this..

That looks like a red hair Inuyasha..
Witch is really werid..

And have you ever noticed that Inuyasha is alot like a soul reaper he's just more of an lower class compared to tham and he whares red instead of black..

If inuyasha was to become a soul reaper the other soul reapers would make fun of him because he's a dude with Kitty Ears but they would have no ideya he's part dog not cat.

But i'm preaty sure if they wore to find out that Inuyasha is a dog/half demon they would probly even laugh more cuz he's an sorry excuse for a demon.

And i'm sure something simluer would happen to Inuyasha if he would go into Disgaea
Laharl would be such an ass to him..

I actchly feel sorry for poor Inuyasha..
And as for Sassomru everybody would take him serweus at frist but once they realise how week he is Laharl and Ichigo would laugh at him.
That is..
Intill some smart ass points out that Ichigo's name means strawberry..
And than Ichigo would slay tham right there and than spaming the word "Basterd" to every one thats around him for the rest of the day just so he can lie to himself about being a basterd himself..
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I don't blame you... Youko Kurama's true form is really similar to Inuyasha's, only Inuyasha has larger eyes than Youko. ^^; And dog ears do look like cat ears... even Kurama's "fox ears" look like cat ears to me. :D
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sorry for the late reply it's been harder and harder for me to reply on DA sence old internet browser..

And sadly I don't watch munch anime.. Partly cuz the role where the main chacter says the qwote "I'm a nobody WHAT I SOME HOW HAVE THE POWERS TO DO THE KAMAYHAMAYHA cuz u said so?! FUCK YEAH! *Blows up a building* I am the chosen one! So screw every one else cuz i'm going to inforce every one to like me against there will or kill Sasuke!"

That shit annoys the hell out of me. Thats why I read the manga before I normanly watch any anime..

Cuz I don't want to lisn the main chacter be a duce.
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Beautiful blend of the two forms...
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Thank you very much! :)
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You're welcome
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