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Earl Cain Hargreaves

I should be asleep? Yes... 2:30am.

Caru gave Polychromatic the idea of how Cain Hargreaves of Godchild would have a "pimped" top hat. Andrew decides to have Izumi Konata of Lucky Star Photoshop the hat on a photo of Cain.

...and I end up drawing the idea since I was so amused. :D

Cain looks like a teenage version of Kuroshitsuji's Ciel Phantomhive though. Or maybe a younger version of Sebastian? I dunno...

No, my scanner is still dead, this was all done with my faithful Wacom and Photoshop. BG is a photo of a cafe I took last March 2009.

Hope you guys like it. :heart:
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Beautiful! But when is Cain not beautiful!
kurohiko's avatar
Very true... He looks good in anything~ :meow:
Sahino's avatar
Hahah, I think Cain is not that "girl-type" like Ciel, but he is cute in that outfit XDD <3 Good work :D
kurohiko's avatar
That is very true... That is why Cain is frowning, he does not like his new hat. :( I think he looks cute though. :)
Star-Miya's avatar
Cain look cute and huggable :3 And what a great top hat, I'm jealous! :D
kurohiko's avatar
You really want a top hat with a skull on it? ^^;
Star-Miya's avatar
Why not? I would paint it pink :evillaugh:
kurohiko's avatar
...heh. Well, whatever makes you happy. ^^;
pakkiedavie's avatar
lovely guy,nice work!
kurohiko's avatar
Thank you very much! :thanks:
azureh's avatar
:0 *licks* I have a tendency to be more productive that late at night (early in the morn?)
kurohiko's avatar
Me too actually. But it's not good for working gals... :XD: Tardiness is do not want. ;p
azureh's avatar
yeah and the fact that the lack of sleep makes you feel out of it for the rest of the day x_x
kurohiko's avatar
Coffee usually cures it for me... although not the Cappuccino. Cappuccinos make me sleepier. :XD:
pandaandpotato's avatar
luv the hat.. it's a mix of dark and feminine concepts. luv it :heart:
kurohiko's avatar
Original idea wasn't mine though~ Caru was the genius who thought up of this crazy looking hat. :D I just draw~
knuxiechan's avatar
My Jun muse almost wants to work there because of how awesome the outfits are. XD Love the colors. <3
kurohiko's avatar
W-well, about that... Caru said the outfits I draw are a little... much? Haha~! Looks like Turnabout Cafe is a wee bit more conservative and darker than the outfits I draw. :XD:
Orchidias's avatar
HAHA, when I saw this I went "...Haha, that looks like Cain in Ciel's clothing..."

And lo and behold, it was nearly just that. I love it, bb. Gorgeous colours and such a lovely grumpy expression on Cain!!
kurohiko's avatar
Why thank you, dear. :XD: I had so much fun with this, really~! :heart:

...and why are you not on my watch list?! *facepalms and adds* :hug:
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