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Cross Academy Sunrise

Kurumi(?), wearing Cross Academy uniform from Vampire Knight. It's the sunrise... or maybe sunset? Not sure.

...I couldn't sleep. It's 5am here and I'm still not sleepy. HALP!!! DDD:

Another inspired piece from Artleise...
Original Tutorial by Sakimichan.
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supercool. :D what a great drawing. i love that all the lines are kindof foggy or out of focus or something... it makes it really intriguing.
great detail in the person & scarf. :)
+ the sky looks fabulous.

awesome work overall!
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Thank you so much and thank you for noticing that! I was experiment with a new way for drawing line arts and it turned out well, I guess? :blushes:

Thanks again! :glomp:
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Thank you very much! :meow:
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Thank you so much! :hug:
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Your oh so welcome! ^^
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Human Kurumi? Nice.
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Yep, human version of the little bunny with a black hood. :D
its pretty! tho white socks n lace up shoes look kinda strange together, hm?
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Yeah, it is a little strange... But those shoes are her signature... uhm... shoes. :XD: Should have done it without the socks, eh? :D
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I'm so happy I inspired you again! :hug:
If only I could glomp you a thousand times. :glomp: x 1000

I can. :iconohnoesplz:
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You're works are getting better with each submission~! Keep it up, ne? :D :hug:
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I like the soft hues and the texture of the cape complements everything else. GJ!
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Hee~~ :heart: :heart: Thank you very much~~ :thanks:
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Very beautiful. I love the variety of colors. @.@
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...first sight Hiiragi will see in the City? >D
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very beautiful^^

was there a reason you couldn't sleep? something troubling you?
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..too much coffee chicken. ;x; Mother's day celebration gone haywire?
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