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Commission: Hold Me

Commission for =Kilo112205 :hug:

My eyes hurt now. :dead: Too much details for this commission... haha~ Thank you for commissioning me again, Kilo! :love:

Series: Original by =Kilo112205
Characters: Regulus and Kazimier
Materials: Inks, Photoshop
Texture: =saiyagina
Time: 72++ hours
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850x850px 256.23 KB
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Hee~ Thank you~ :heart:
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Nicely done!
I'm really interested in their story now, haha. I'm incorporating both of them into my contest submission (which I need to hurry the heck up and finish) and because of it I've really been imagining more things about their backstory. Actually, even if I don't place I'll be glad I participated because now I love these characters. :') I like this earlier view of their story! I can see all the work you put into it. Lots of detail! And I love the traditional feel. (:
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Contest submission? :confused:

They're not my characters actually... they's =Kilo112205's. What she wanted me to do here was to show a war(?) going on outside their window. Kazimier, the one with black hair, is the demon servant to young angel prince, Regulus. :) Of course, with Regulus still being a child, war frightens him. Kazimier on the other hand, revels in chaos, but he's still comforting Regulus anyway.

Anyway, ignore the ramble! Thank you for your comment~ :love:
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I meant to say =Kilo112205's contest, sorry :P
Ah, I see! You did a great job. You're welcome! (:
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Oh~ Yes, I am joining that as well. :aww: Good luck to us both! December 20 is coming soon! :hug:
wow nice art
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Wow :wow: Like before, I love the details, especially that background. And you drew them both so well. :love: I love it. :D
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:tighthug: Glad you like how it turned out! Now I can work on your contest. :D
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