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A.illusions - Tori and Danaan

Quite an old piece... I've been ignoring my Deviant Art account for so long I figured I had to but something up before everyone began to speculate I was dead. :D

You could call this a commission, I guess. The real Tori Avalon needed an art piece for his website project in school. Since he was the center of the website, he figured he might as well star as his anime character. :D I glady drew this for him. He was lucky that I wasn't as busy as I am now at the time of his request. :D

The little pattern on the left side is created by feanne. Go visit her please~ [link]

Hope you guiys like it. Please do visit my manga at [link] :)
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I like this one alot
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Whee~ Thank you, thank you~ :glomp:
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I like the picture quite a bit, but I'm quite curious why you drew a maid next to him. Did he need supporting cast? xD
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Well... It's like this... XD;;;

Danaan is Tori's PC... A Persocom so to speak... She's the human representation of his PC and she's his partner... I got the idea that Tori's partner should be a maid since he tends to over-work his PC a lot. T_T

Tori's the one who named her Danaan though. :D
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*laughs* I should have known from the chobits icon but it just didn't strike me at the time! I absolutely love the idea. If my computers were persocoms, there'd be one that was an old fat man (old desktop), one stylish woman (dad's laptop), a glasses-wearing young woman (my laptop, originally mom's for programming and now mine for all nerdy school and art activities along with endless manga collection), and a little girl for the pocket-PC.

...once again, love the concept. Adding it to favorites. <3
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LOL~ Thanks very much. :D

You know... the way you describe your PCs makes me wanna draw them... :D Maybe when I have time next month... :heart:
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Eeee... *crosses fingers* xD Not many people ever go and humanize their computers. I think everyone has to do it at one point though. I may draw 'em myself, even.
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Ahaha~ It's a race as to who gets to draw them first then. :D Lol~ But I'm willing to bet how I picture your persocoms will be totally different from what you're thinking... :)

*adds to "to do" list* :heart:
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