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A.illusions - Temaki Feast

By kurohiko
A croped version of the original 5ftx4ft painting in Temaki Japanese Resto, done to fit a 1024x768 screen resolution. ^^

The characters featured in this painting are all original, except of course for Maki-chan, the resto's mascot. The other characters are mine, and featured in an on going webmanga called "A.illusions". You may find the webmanga over here: [link] or click on my website on my profile. :D

The characters' names are as follows: (clockwise, starting with the mascot)
Maki-chan, Shijirou, Azorite, Tori Avalon, Feanne, Syun Ukiya, Tifa, Rei Kuassary, Jemma aka "Aya-kun is Mine", and Lain.

Of course, there's the three waitresses in blue... They're random so I haven't named them yet. ^^

So why is this so flat? No shadding? Nothing? Well... That was the order of the Resto's Owner. He wanted it to look more cartoony instead of anime like... Go figure... ^^;

Hope you all like it anyway. :D

EDIT: I forgot to mention that the characters are cosplaying their favorite anime characters... ^^;

Maki-chan as herself
Shijirou as Hiko Seijuro from Rurouni Kenshin
Azorite as Kurapika from Hunter x Hunter
Tori Avalon as Kinomoto Touya from Card Captor Sakura
Feanne as Freya from Chobits
Syun Ukiya as Squall Leonheart from FF8
Tifa as Li Mei-Ling from Card Captor Sakura
Rei Kuassary as Ray Yozora from Shin Hakenden and Maria Tachibana from Sakura Wars
Jemma aka "Aya-kun is Mine" as Aya's biggest fan from Weiss Kreuz
Lain as Marik Ishtar from Yu-Gi-Oh

I love drawing cosplaying characters. :heart:
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That's really awesome, you know.
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Aw, thanks so much! :hug:
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Takuto-chan's avatar
its kelw its the truth you know i couldnt draw that well *starts practicing* :glomp
kurohiko's avatar
You draw all right... :D You're still new at it... I mean, I've been drawing since... forever, and became serious when I was 11... :D

Wow that makes me feel so old now... :dance:
Takuto-chan's avatar
>> but i becams serious a year ago like i said i want to be this and i want to make this my hobnby but i didnt start becoming truly devoted to that as my main hobby/hopeful profession only a year ago >> and like my drawings suck i have like a bajillion to add though im a bit too lazy ^^
kurohiko's avatar
I'm quite the lazy one myself... Which is why I usually skip on the colors and just do the usual... :rofl: I mean... I do the easiest way of coloring just so my pieces have colors, know what I mean? :lmao:
Takuto-chan's avatar
yeah er...i hate coloring clothes so much work :faint: i mena just lik a lot XDDD..i odnt know how to draw ripples in the clothing thougbn will ya teahc meh??
kurohiko's avatar
I'm not really sure I'm the best teacher for that though... :rofl: You could self-teach... I learned to draw clothes by looking at people's clothing... :)
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wow! this rocks! \m/,
kurohiko's avatar
Thankie, thankie! :glomp:
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I always like how you draw the hair on your characters!
kurohiko's avatar
Aww~ Thank you tj~ :thanks:
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