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A.illusions - Shijirou

This is my third attempt at creating a piece entirely on photoshop using a tablet... ^^; It's quite challenging for me since I'm not used to drawing on the PC directly... I have to say, people who do their inks on the PC are absolutely amazing... I fail miserably at inks on photoshop. XD

This is my character, Shijirou from the A.illusions manga [link] :) Hope you guys like it. :frail:
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GryffindorGurl417's avatar
Wow, he looks very much like Shigure from the Fruits Basket series! Cool pic!
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:wow: Really? Thank you very much..! :hug: I take that as a HUGE compliment! :glomp:
GryffindorGurl417's avatar
Yeah, really! Your so welcome! Good!
shijirou's avatar
How am I scary? :disbelief:

You guys are mean T_T

*sulks in the corner*
kurohiko's avatar
*whistles* :D

Never mind lah~ You got lots of page views anyway. :heart:
aki5's avatar
I swear that guy is the scariest person on earth!

...hi shiji-CHAN! :D
kurohiko's avatar
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very nice pic ! I really like how you did the skin. Good job on the hand too ! :clap:
kurohiko's avatar
Thanks very much. :D Really appreciate it! :frail:
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Ooh pretty! will def. check this manga out!
kurohiko's avatar
Whee~ Thank you, thank you! :heart: I hope you enjoy reading. :D
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