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A.illusions: Guardians

Finally finished! I couldn't decide which elements to add, which element to remove, until finally, I settled with this. :heart:

Hope you like it! I'm wondering if I should upload detailed shots for this since all the details can't be seen in full view. :dead: You can download the bigger image though!

Series: A.illusions (original manga)
Characters: Rei Kuassary, Yukee-hime, Khyle, Tori Avalon, Shijirou, Eri-hime, and Danaan
Materials: Bond Paper, Unipin 0.2, Photoshop
Time: unknown; procrastination in the span of a few months
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Yukee-hime is so awesome and pretty :heart:
can I draw her? :meow:
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Of course, please do! That would make me very happy~ :love:
darkmotives's avatar
:love: sweet~! actually, I'm 2 artworks of her :eager:
I'll upload it next week or so :iconbowplz: thank you for allowing me to draw Yukee-hime :meow:
kurohiko's avatar
:XD: Anytime~? Haha, I should be thanking you! :meow:
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Nice job on the cel shading colors, simple yet well placed.

One thing I can point out is that the guy's head seems to large for his proportion. The rest is Okay
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Thanks! I didn't even notice that til now. :nod: Really appreciate it! :D
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Oh sweet, such quality work! The girl with the Scythe I really like. Awesome.
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:dance: Thank you! And, haha, I like her a lot too. Her name is Yukee. :heart:
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No probs! :)
I'll be sure to check out some more of your works, you've got some great skills.

Yukee....thats a nice name. :nod:
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Aww, thanks very much! :tighthug: I really appreciate that~ :love:

She's based on a real person too. :XD: Yukee is just her internet name. :meow:
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No probs, I reckon I'll be faving and commenting on your works quite often. :)

She's a lucky person, the character is brilliant.
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how nicely done!!
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