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A.illusions: Feline Sisters

For *nyanko-chan's contest! <-- which I lost horribly! And now for #Ocart's contest!

I have no cats anymore, because my mom doesn't like their smell... :( I'm wondering if this is even a valid entry at this point. ^^; But it was a fun piece nonetheless! Those butterflies were all drawn and colored one by one, as well as the sakura flowers.

Eri and Naru are sister computers as their owners are brothers. They are both feline, but Eri is more advanced, giving her a human body, while Naru is still a kitten. Both are characters from my webmanga. :aww: I hope you like them!

Series: A.illusions
Characters: Eri-hime and Naru
Materials: Bond Paper, Inks, Photoshop
EST: 20-30+ hours (maybe more)
Blog: [link]
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So charming! I love every detailed in this.
RavenAspen's avatar
So gorgeous, I love the detailed patterns and swirls.
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Thank you~ That is very kind~~ :tighthug:
Yzabel's avatar
Gotta love those swirls and vibrant red tones. And I quite like the butterflies as well (they're in simple colours, but... I don't know, they've just caught my eye).
kurohiko's avatar
Thank you! I'm not sure what it is about the butterflies either but... when I first painted the as realistic butterflies, it didn't look very good. ^^; I finally settled for simple colors when I finished coloring Eri-hime. :D
Yzabel's avatar
I guess sometimes, it's just the simplest things that work best. :)
Hadaccah's avatar
nice! love the design and the colors, everything :D
kurohiko's avatar
Thank you so much~ :love:
fadzreeq's avatar
wow...Eri is a very mature cat, and looks kinda gentle too...
kurohiko's avatar
She is both, yes... but like any cat, she can be temperamental. :meow:
shijirou's avatar
I miss Eri. She's still here with me though, couldn't bear to throw her away after years of use. She did help me through college after all. I forgot to tell you though, Naru, her sister was one of the computers that was stolen along with Yakumo when I still had my Internet Cafe. ^^
kurohiko's avatar
What, seriously? :(

Well, Naru is still somewhat alive... I have her keyboard here with me. :meow:
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Very clean cut, beautiful work...
kurohiko's avatar
Thanks again~ :love:
Ashrazan's avatar
You're welcome
UnderworldDJ's avatar
VERY amazing job <3 You must have put a lot of work into this~ Love the hair and colors- the red is really beautiful
kurohiko's avatar
Thank you very much~ :tighthug:
MDetector-5's avatar
This is very adorable, and I am loving the detail you put in. You put a lot of TIME into this one, and it shows.
kurohiko's avatar
Thank you, and I did, yeah. :meow: Even if I didn't win the contest, it was still very satisfying... :D
MDetector-5's avatar
You're welcome.

And hey, it's not necessary about winning or losing, it's having fun with whatever theme is given.
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I can tell you put a lot of effort into this. This is absolutely gorgeous, and all the details in it really help make it that much more amazing!
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Thank you so much~ And thank you for taking the time to comment here. :aww:
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