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15 - Loki



The sixteenth card in the major arcana is The Devil, no. 15.

I ultimately chose Loki to represent The Devil.

I would like to make it clear, though, that Loki is NOT an wholly evil being in the mythos. Rather, he is a trickster and mischief-maker. As such, it may seem odd that I chose Loki. I'd like to clarify that in the Tarot, The Devil represents a person bound to an idea or belief which prevents them from growing or being healthy―Loki's mischief fits this well. Or, more literally, his part in Baldur's death leads to him being bonded to a rock under a serpent that consistently drips venom (if it wasn't for his devoted wife, Sigyn, he would've been dead well before Ragnaök).

Loki is actually a Jotunn who was raised by Odin as an Æsir. Laufey is his mother and Farbauti is his father. (I find it quite hilarious that Marvel made Laufey male. XDDD) Because of this unusual heritage, I wanted to give him some distinctive quality so I gave him bright red hair. (Contrary to Marvel, again, Jotunn are NOT "frost giants" but giants in general―mountain, forest... anytime of nature-related giant.)

Loki is quite possibly the single most interesting character of all of Norse mythos. He is a shape-shifter (which is why he is often viewed as an Æsir or an Æsir with Jotunn characteristics). He is the father (or mother) of many of the key figures in the mythos as well: Sleipnir (he was the mother) by the stallion Svadilfari; Hel, Fenrir, and Jormungandur by the Jotunn Angrboda; and Nari (and/or Narfi) by Sigyn.

I have mentioned many stories including Loki in my previous cards, but I wanted to explain why I have drawn him with his mouth sewn shut... This follows the events I described in Sif's card.

After Loki presents the Sons of Ivaldi's wares, another dwarf, Brokk, happens to chime in that his brother could make even more wonderful items than the Ivaldi brothers. Loki bets his head that they could never and so a bet ensues.

Brokk and his brother, Sindri, set about making three items and though Loki attempts to thwart their progress, they produce Golden Bristles (a boar that is presented to Frey), Draupnir (a ring that produces nine duplicates of itself every ninth night; presented to Odin) and Mjolnir, Thor's most famous hammer.

The three are presented to the Æsir, and all are in agreement that Brokk and Sindri have won the bet. Though Loki was to lose his head, the Æsir ultimately think it is a bit harsh and allow Brokk to sew Loki's lips shut instead. And the Æsir all laugh and think this is grand because Loki is often called silver tongue he talks so much! XDDD

The card itself is made of ash wood. The darker ash for the main body of the card is an overlaid stain. The character is painted on parchment. Everything was done in PS. (Check my :+fav:s for the resources.)

For more cards in this set, check this gallery.

The next card will be released... IDK. XDDD Depends how Thanksgiving goes! I'll have a journal update.

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Loki was traditionally red-haired, if you go by his epithet of “Flamehair”.